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Weird Login Errors


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Since the War Within 19.2.0 Update (The one today) I cannot login to Warframe. I typed in my password correctly and it said check my profile info. I unplugged my router and tried again, restarted the game, reset my password multiple times and tried, could not login to the Warframe site either, then got temporary ip banned for trying to login to many times. I would like to be able to login to the game to play, I did not think I was ip banned when trying to log in originally, it would have told me, and I haven't done anything to deserve it. The forums still somehow work so I am posting it here because to post an account issue about login issues, you have to login. I have now probably missed a sortie and a daily login, please fix this, I don't want to miss Baro. I think this has happened to a lot of people since the game update, I know of 3 others that don't know why they can't login as well, some bug probably caused this. I want my account back, if I am actually accused of something, tell me. Please get in touch with me and solve this quickly.

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