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Loyalty, exile, profit: Character info (OOC)


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Hi all I want to tell a story about a Crewman and his fireteam as they fight against the enemies of the Corpus in a journey that spans the Origin System and her many dangers... and treasures.

My character is an elite Crewman who specializes in sniping with his custom LANKA rifle: Riptide, which uses an experimental multi-function munition that is able to: 1- Pierce into something (a door for instance) and shatter inside breaking internal structure (like a lock). 2- impact target with non-lethal concussion blast that leaves the target unable to hear but is otherwise unharmed. 3-Fire lethal angled round at lower velocity but is able to ricochet repeatedly, allowing it to hit multiple targets if not stopped by soft cover (Example: Grineer Blunt cover). 4- standard magnetic-propelled round that is capable of piercing armor but requires the rifle be fully charged to fire.

His sidearm is a VIPER machine pistol taken from a Grineer field armory on Mars.

His only combat skills are an IFF Jammer that shows him as 'Friendly' on Grineer scanners, and a grapple launcher to get to an elevated position easily.

His name is: Sergeant Jes Ayo. He wears standard Crewman armor with extra padding around his upper-torso and a magazine bandolier for his rifle. His helmet is standard except for a red crosshair logo around the eyeslit visor (marking his specialty as a sniper) and 3 red tally marks with the letters: Ten-O (marking that he had defeated 3 Tenno in his career thus far).

He is a calm man who enjoys waiting to take the perfect shot, and loves to discover relics of the ancient Orokin empire. Though sometimes his lust for discovery has gotten his previous fireteams in trouble in the form of traps and worst yet: Tenno retaliation.

Because of his past mistakes he has become infamous to his peers who see Ayo as someone who has gotten his team killed several times and has been nicknamed: 'Ghost' because he shows no emotion for those thag died under his command, even close friends.


I'll be starting the RP tomorrow so stay tuned, and know that anyone is able to join in for some adventure and action ?



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