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New Bug encounters since U19


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Hey DE and fellow Tennos,

Since the drop of U19 i am experiencing a couple of Bugs that i've previously rarely experienced, if at all.

1) After finishing a Mission i get stuck on an empty Summary screen. This very, very rarely happened to me before, now it's getting more frequent. 1 out of every 10 Missions i'd say. Most of the times now it happens after Sorties, most of the times after the 1st or 2nd Mission.

2) During the last Vay Hek Assassination Sortie i had a "Bug" where i fell down the Hole in the last Tile (where he changes into his Mech thing.) and the Game tried to re-position/re-spawn me on a small ledge, where i instantly fell off again, resulting in my Screen to stay black until the Mission was over because i kept falling and respawning over and over and over again.

3) When farming Kuva my Melee sometimes stops working. If i have a Primary/Secondary equipped you can hear the Melee Sound, but no Animation is taking place and no damage is being dealt. If i change to Melee it looks like the Animations wants to start, but after a split second returns to normal, again, no damage dealt. Issue seems to be tied to the Operator or the Kuva Guard's attacks as far as i've noticed. Issue is fixed if you let yourself die.

4) I don't know if this started to happen since or before U19, but there is a pretty big delay after being Revived now. Meaning that, if somebody revived me, i can't use any Abilities for 1-2 seconds. It's not gamebreaking by any means, i just felt like it doesn't seem right/as intended.

5) Certain things seem to be missing from the Codex. I've scanned all the things on Kuva Missions but they don't show up. Siphons, Kuva Clouds, Guards, those tiny enemies that come with the Guards, etc.

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