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GPU core clock issue - won't upclock.




I have a weird issue to report. Im running WF ona x64 system on a MSI GTX 970 and I use msi gaming app and have the latest drivers. For some reason WF wont use my card at its max core clock 1354.2 MHz but only at 1113.8 MHz regardless of the business on the screen. So it doesn't matter if im staring at a wall aboard the ship or am in game with 3 more people who are mirages with simulor (obviously more things to render) and like 20 enemies on the screen - the clock remains the same. It is infuriating since it often results in fps dips from 60 (vsync) to like 35 when i KNOW my pc has more horsepower to pull it all. In the NV panel I also disabled adaptive power mode and switched to prefer performance.

I checked with 2 simple tests if its not my system overall and it seems not, The Witcher 3 takes everything the card can give and so does the render test in GPU-Z. The only way to force WF to use 100% of core clock is to turn vsync off and have like 200+ fps on a 60 Hz display (which is meaningless) and quite terrible screen tearing.

Any ideas? This is a fairly popular card, can a few people check how is the core clock on their setup?

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Mine doesn't boost, too. The only time I saw it running higher than stock was when I disabled sync. SP reported 700+ FPS, though.


It is infuriating since it often results in fps dips from 60 (vsync) to like 35

The perks of Vsync.

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