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Community and DE United?


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Community and Developer United.


I am a long term player including founder access at launch as well as my console account and 2 active PC accounts. I am here today to express concerns I have encountered and noticed among the countless public community and developer interactions as well as concerns regarding specific issues that have remained unresolved to this day.


I preface this post with an important note. I believe Digital Extremes and the people who work and volunteer for this company have in the majority of my encounters as well as ones discussed among my fellow Warframe players, strived for a community developer interaction that is far better then the average. That is why the questions and concerns are going to be asked as well as feedback that could see the negative encounters I have experienced and heard kept to an absolute minimum.

Concerns and issues with Warframe.

This section will be by far the biggest but also potentially the least negative if viewed in context. I have concerns ranging from over moderation in game and on the forums to general bug hunting questions and feedback and while there is the potential for negativity I will strive to be as constructive as I possibly can.

1. Over moderation of chat and forums.

This is a particularly intricate situation as I have always attempted to follow the rules and pending any changes to the forums code of conduct as well as in game chat rules that I may have been unaware of there is a significant confusion over some situations.

  • What is considered Trading and Recruitment in game needs to be clarified.

  • What is DE's point of view regarding in game and forum discussions that get heated as people tend to defend frames and weapons they use quite vigorously and I have seen posts locked/deleted in the forums that were merely that with no hint of intent to abuse or other issues.


2. QA issues that could be potentially avoided if dedicated veterans like myself had the option to opt in to a test server that is either covered by an NDA or in the usual case public say in a similar fashion to Blizzard's Diablo 3 PTR.

This issue has been one that for some reason I have yet to find a discussion on outside of complaints regarding recurring bugs or bugs that appear patched but for some weird reason return in future updates. I feel that DE's testing team has done phenomenally well given the nature of the game as it stands but I would not hesitate to bet that there are players like myself who want to make this the best possible game it can be and if we were able to have a Public Testing Realm or whatever it may be called this could if organised well reduce the ongoing recurring issues we find and increase general vet and new player enjoyment thus increasing the player base and that can only benefit the game and ofc Digital Extremes would benefit from a higher potential income from plat.


3. Community and Developer interaction improvments.

This is an area that I particularly would want to see improved and wonder if there has been any thought about revamping the original Founders system into a more relevant community driven system that could allow content and story arcs that would be implemented in game. Tennogen has been a fantastic concept and while there is a logical limit to further expansion of that system my idea for this particular system would be a hybrid version of EVE Online's council that meets with the developers CCP annually to communicate the major issues from the past year. They are community elected individuals who have been long term members with good standing and have had positive input in all areas be it forum or in game.

This system may at this point not work due to the general toxicity that sadly permeates Warframe and while Digital Extremes is making a continued balanced effort to address this I would say community elected reps may be out of the question for now.

The original system of the Guides of the Lotus seems to have died down at least in part due to people leaving and maybe a revamp and improved visibility for this system could be the start towards better interactions and reduced requirements for our moderation team to be actively hard on some interactions.



In summation I want to thank Digital Extremes for creating a genuinely wonderful world and combat system that outshines all the other franchises. I hope that while there are potentially controversial ideas and issues here that it is viewed not as an attack but as a critical yet constructive view from 1 player who wants to see the best possible outcomes for what is a great MMOFPS and to see Warframe grow into the future for as long as Digital Extremes decide to maintain and update it.

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1 minute ago, PrVonTuckIII said:

I'm pretty sure this pretty obvious already. Trade chat is for buying/selling items, Recruit chat is for getting groups to run missions.

This is fine until as per the over moderation you get chat booted for asking a reasonable question of whats x item worth before blasting trade. Recruitment boots happen when either the chatbots or moderators either make a mistake or see a question regarding locations.

Your wording is a little unclear. If you're stating that you find the moderation of the chat/forums to be unfair/ I personally haven't ever found that so, unless you're referring to the overzealous chat-bots.

In general the moderation has been on point but the issue arises when I get chatbooted ingame for a discussion that had only ONE negative word and that was calling and being called an idiot no more then 5 times over the course of quite an extensive discussion about a particular frame. This creates a negative environment where the players can't express views that by the nature of the game are quite devisive for fear they will have to deal with a temporary or permanent chat ban. Similar issues have arisen in the forums when a moderator with I imagine good intent locked a rather massive thread several months ago that was absolutely hot yet fair and constructive.

I agree that there should be some form of test server, perhaps for select players to play out a new build and find any major bugs. But I'm a little neutral when it comes to this stuff, so whatever.

Most are neutral and those few that exist are vital to help what is a great game to be the best possible game it can be. I have seen many games over the years which had no public testing release PTR style access that have improved and while most are obscure smallscall MMOs it is worth the possible look at it from Digital Extremes pov purely to encourage veterans to return as they can see the progress and contribute if they so desire.

I want to make a point of saying that Warframe's community is significantly less toxic than many others that I've visited. While you have your standard bad apples here and there, most people are happy to help. Mostly, I don't think we need another player council. In fact, we could just repurpose Design Council or something to do that job. It's not a bad idea, but I don't see any glaring need for it, although it certainly wouldn't hurt.

While you are correct with regards to this community being less toxic then most there is one single issue. I have seen the combination of over zealous (unintended or otherwise) moderation and toxic players push some people away and sadly given a couple personal encounters with that combination over the past week I worry that while the majority are not toxic the minority is slowly yet steadly growing again despite DEs best efforts.]

Overzealous moderation defeats the purpose of moderating as it causes the community to shut down in public chat channels and that is the main fear I have.



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