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Earth to Mars Junction Bugged


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I used to play Warframe a while ago, prior to the junctions patch, when Loki was a starter, and ie... Recently, I came back to this awesome game, and some of the planets are not reachable by my account! I can reach: Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Phobos, Void, and Saturn, (I have not completed the junctions for all of them, yet.) But, I've found out that, by completing the Mars Junction, you get a void refiner, which i direly need to get to Ceres. The problem is, I can't go to the Mars Junction, I have all the requirements, but there is still a little "lock" beside it. Can someone help me?

Here are in-game screenshots I took, (one of them is older, with the volt), the two with the frost are from today.


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