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rank 11 qualification mission


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hello, i would like to talk about rank 10 to 11 mission and ranks in general.

this may look like angry rant about failing mission again and again (and it is)  but after many tries and  research on how this is even doable, people think there are 2 ways to approach this problem

first seems to be focused on using hit scan or area of effect weapons on obs to help with difficulty hitting them  which for me seems to be least of a problem, mouse and working hands makes it easy to get extra time keeping you going 

second - "just git good fgt"  and this is a fair point, i am not that young anymore mindless job and age hurt my reflexes and did a job on my temper, i was going to give  them that maybe this game is not for me and then something happened. i dragged a guy from my work, real pro gamer someone who is professional and is relatively successful on pro level in hi speed, split second reaction type games. i was to give him 10£ just to finish that damn mission but after 1h he had to leave without any results. he said that this is harder than it looks but why ?


Grey on grey on white color scheme - platforms are really hard to see and distinguish, effects on ultra here can give you eye cancer, i think in many years of gaming this is first time ever i had to tune down graphics so i can play the game, i am the only one seeing problem here? 

Camera position and need to point up to get extra jump height - a large portion of screen is taken up by frame itself and this is fine in game but where you need some sort of reference on your position this in combination with point above makes every jump a blind one. no reference point and having only one double jump to adjust your heading leads unconscious premature use of it.  problem is - you can fall of only once and hope to finish mission combined with only one try combined with only once a day qualification yields some rage inducing results. is there any way to change you camera position, move it back ? 

Very little to do with game play outside of qualification missions -  i love fast paced, fluid movement of this game but slide-jump an occasional wall run is everything you need, advanced platform jumping is almost unused in main game. this can be said about most higher tier qualification missions, they take element of game play and boost it up to 11, why?


Huge contrast in difficulty compared to rest of the game - lets face it, this game is easy, this comes from many reason and this is fine, not every game has to be dark souls. the difference is that dark souls prepare you for unforgiving difficulty from the start and never let go. qualifications missions are only single part of the game with this huge difficulty spike. only difficulty in game comes from two sources. one - your equipment/frame are not good enough for missions, easy to fix with some farming/ tinkering with your equipment. two - not knowing what to expect from mission/element of mission easy to fix with quick google search. here we are introduced to timed one try mission where failure will lead to 24h wait.

No alternative way to progress - this entire game in my opinion got great pay scheme, where everything can be earned with patience and farming or small fee. you can wait 3 days for that frame build or just trow some money at it. you can farm those materials/weapons/frames or just buy them. option to trade platinum in game is amazing feature. ability to trade premium currency would benefit many many games out there. so why i cant just trow some money to bypass this ranking up problem? it will not hurt anyone and can only benefit devs


to be fair i have giving up on trying this rank up missions and its out of place rage inducing structure made me quit this game but before that, can i please just pay you money? i like this game, its a great stress relieve after bad work day. ranking up system is the only measurable way to progress in warframe and it is killing me


thank you                  


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I also had a lot of troubles with this one. I ended up using Zephyr to complete it (anyone tried with Titania? her archwings/pixy mode might be able to cheese it).

I often get confused on those maps, either by losing direction, not seeing the platform, or thinking the decorative platforms far above are regular and near platforms.

It's not clear from your message whether you are aware of the existence of the training mode for all the rank up challenges. It's available in the relays.

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