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Wtb Prime stuff

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Buying all prime stuff listed below in any quantity

Pm prices and how many you have available to sell

Only buying listed items


Vauban Prime Neuroptics   
Vauban Prime Chassis    
Vauban Prime Systems 
Saryn Prime Blueprint         
Saryn Prime Chassis 

Nekros Prime Systems

Ash Prime Systems    

Galatine Prime Bluprint  

Kavasa Prime Collar Buckle   

Nikana Prime Blueprint         
Nikana Prime Hilt     

Tigris Prime Blueprint   
Vectis Prime Stock      
Spira Prime Blade
Spira Prime Pouch     

Soma Prime Stock      
Vauban Prime Neuroptics 

Vectis Prime Receiver    

Fragor Prime Blueprint         
Fragor Prime Handle 

Dual Kamas Prime Blade   
Carrier Prime Cerebrum  

Akstiletto Prime Blueprint   

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