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[WTS][Shop] Riven_Desires: Selling Riven Mods: Simulor double crit / Zarr crit / Rubico crit / Opticor multishot

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Brief Introduction:


This is the Sushi_Desires storefront, as it were. It is a work in progress, always, and I aim to make it ever-improving.

I am taken by Riven mods at the moment, and as I continue to explore their possibilities and their potential, I felt it necessary to have a small space to facilitate advertisement and exchange ...For as you all know, there is currently a limit on the number of Riven mods one may possess at any given time. And, with the number of permutations of Riven mods being nearly infinite, we unfortunately cannot have our cake and eat it too.

It therefore follows that Rivens will come to have a sort of life-cycle as we continue to collect and explore. However, many of these mods are interesting and powerful enough that it would be a shame to simply discard them or dismantle them for Endo. If Point Strike is good enough for a particular crit build, then so too is a card that functions as a combined Point Strike + Pathogen Rounds, for example.

So, in the pursuit of new and exciting (and perhaps innovative or paradigm-shifting) mods, I hope to pass along some of the interesting things I have found to new homes. I can't be sitting here just not doing sorties in order to avoid heartbreak. If you love something, you must set it free.

iSCQKCu.png Ba-gawk!


Technical details:





It looks like Warframe Builder has officially added support for Riven mods! This is excellent news, as it will likely be much more stable/convenient than the workaround script (detailed in the strikethrough section below).

In order to allow the addition of custom mods to the Warframe Builder interface, I am using a clever script which was created by the benevolent user cubis123 on the r/warframe subreddit. It's great for making comparisons between several mods (like when you are cycling a mod) within the specified constraints, and, for example, will let you temporarily add things like Primed Cryo Rounds until they are officially patched in. Check out the original thread here to get in on the action! (It has easy to follow instructions, too)

I have found that it is still convenient to keep the plugin installed to more easily compare mods, though.


***Any shown builds are merely used as examples. I am not claiming to display the highest-possible DPS or what have you, nor am I insisting you follow the shown examples.

If there is an interesting/unique mechanic (like the Ogris Geli-acrican napalm-fireball-multishot-area-denial listing) or some other cool gimmick, I will try to be sure to point it out specifically.


I'll usually put up a figure of what I think is a reasonable price for the mods. Feel free to leave your offers as well.

If I do an 'offer-style' listing for a mod, I will try to provide limited-yet-decisive (protecting bidders' full identities) proof of bids where available, so that you can be sure you are not offering against a 'ghost' or some arbitrary figure. Obviously, you know my in-game identity on this website, but I will nonetheless partially obfuscate my own name in most or all of the images, just in case the images end up elsewhere for whatever reason.

For science, I may post some of the offer-counteroffer and other data to the thread, even though it is technically to my disadvantage.


I am generating most of the visual media here using an open-source screencapture application called Greenshot. It actually integrates with several image-hosting sites through a host of optional plugins. I use the built-in editor's obfuscate and draw tools to pixelate/occlude account names and/or sensitive account details where necessary. I highly recommend this program, and, being FOSS, its code is auditable, so you can personally confirm that the program is clean and safe.


Many thanks to forum mods, user cubis123, the Warframe subreddit mods, and especially VoiDGlitch, and the creators and maintainers of Warframe Builder -- for their charitable contributions to the Warframe community.

And although I won't be referencing any of the content from their site, the creators of warframe.market deserve enormous praise as well.






>>> If you are interested in a mod, you can drop a line down below, send a PM, or maybe catch me in-game.

Please be aware that I sometimes leave the game running idle, so if you are attempting to make contact in-game, it is possible that I may not be at my computer for a bit, despite being 'online' in Warframe!

based on a true story QBad4zo.png



The Mods:

New Simulor DOUBLE CRIT mod coming soon!


New Simulor DOUBLE CRIT mod coming soon!


Zarr Argi-critado (+108.9 Critical Chance, +63.8 Electricity, +35 Grineer Damage / Rank 6/8 / Madurai (v) / MR9 / Cycle Count 12)


Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 220p

Torn from the very hands of the Grineer, your Zarr now seeks bloodthirsty revenge:

 vfLrvz1.pngSaying its name aloud earns you the rank of Leftenant.

Just over half of all cannon and bomblet splosions are now criticals.

 egyzbiF.pngCritical for any space pirate

A mod so prejudiced, it decided it wanted deal extra damage against an entire race of people




 1blutxD.png "It makes bombs bombier"  -Carrier Prime

 5MoLplv.png  "I cannot operate it because I do not have thumbs." -Feral Kavat


Rubico Acriton (+127 Critical Damage, +123.8 Impact / Rank MAXED 8/8 / Naramon (-) / MR15 / Cycle Count 8)


Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 138p

Achieve up to 15.5x critical multiplier on a standard Bladed Rounds crit build for your Rubico!

 EuKrNRL.png  It lets you do a crit-ton of damage.

Pre-infused to max rank, 8/8.


Combined with a massive boost to Rubico's primary physical damage type (80% impact)



Opticor Sati-gelidex (+111.6 Multishot, +93.5 Cold, +93.1 Status Chance; +84.7 Recoil / Rank 0/8 / Vazarin (D) / MR10 / Cycle Count 1)


 Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 120p

A mod so powerful, the game decided not to even bother rounding the decimal of the reaction force.


 Massive multishot. Three guaranteed beams per shot when combined with Split Chamber:

  4c8xbkw.png  "Who are you going to call?"  -Marshmallow Prime

   (Actual in-game footage)

 Three strong stats with a no-big-deal punitive stat.



 (That's +202. The punitive recoil is not available through the plugin, but is irrelevant, as it does not manifest in the listed stats or impose problems for charge-fire weapons)


  JkojBxt.png . . . 9f7KPIh.png Huge multi-beam spacelasers are the surest method of attracting a suitable mate.


Its name also has Jelly in it, so that's great too.


 I used Comic Sans










Closed Listings:

[Traded] (Synoid) Simulor Arma-ampicron (+84.8 Critical Chance, +32.8 Magazine, +31.6 Ammo, -23.8 Infested / Rank 0/8 / Madurai (v) / MR14 / Cycle Count 4)


Traded to the woman with the majestic monobrow for: ...Another Simulor Riven mod! (Chat)

[Obo] Current Offer: -p

Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 230p

What to say about this? Now you can enjoy the retina-curdling discotek / video-arcade cacophony of the Synoid Simulor with even more chance to crit and more balls to boot.

 Ln5gW0H.png As seen on TV!

Low cycles, and you are guaranteed to end up with at least critical chance and magazine capacity. Also a V polarity for further convenience.

It's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

On average, 1 out of every 3 ticks will be criticals:

 LSN5Zij.png   u5y8395.png

More head-crit ticks from more singularities with less reloading. An excellent boost, considering Simulor's weak Riven disposition.

 7456dc79_blackholegif.gif Artist's rendition of two b. holes touching (simple Synoid Simulor simulation)




[SOLD, 800p] (Dex) Sybaris Lexi-fevacron (+95.5 Critical Chance, +1.8 Punch Through, +32.5 Reload / Rank 0/8 / Madurai (v) / MR10 / Cycle Count 2)


SOLD to the gentleman driving the Camaro for: 800p buyout (Forum Referral)

[Obo] Current Offer: 400p (proof of bid)

Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 800p

An excellent mod with very low cycle count for the very strong and popular Fashionframe-endgame hitscan rifle: Dex Sybaris. (or just regular old Sybarus)


Guarantees criticals on every single hit, with 20.92% chance for red crits.


Mow down groups with strong punch-through and reload speed QoL.

 f74SH5b.pngAnd fancy, too


[SOLD, 343peepee] Dread Acri-purasus (+102 Critical Damage, +87.1 Slash, +34.3 Infested, -80.8 Impact / Rank 0/8 / Vazarin (D) / MR15 / Cycle Count 5)


SOLD to the gentleman with the pristine hairline for: 343p (Trade Chat)

[Obo] Current Offer: -p

Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 343 peepee

Add even more crit damage to your infamously critoral Dread bow.

You almost certainly have a copy of the Dread, because it is basically all the stalker drops now

 2jGJpDb.png Endorsed by "Slash"

Massively increased slash damage and slash status proc bias. Excellent compliment to Dread's crit-slash configuration.

Reduction to impact bias, I personally believe this is a plus; the call is ultimately up to you!

Engage your pimp hand against all infested adversaries, ever.




Controversial footage captured during first trial run in Simulacrum:

 B33VQvY.png  hj6aGCK.png  lbIGtAL.png  wnoweSe.png




  DJXUoul.png  "I take this mod with me every time I go ...solo."  -Carrier Prime

  QPpCgqc.png  "After using this, it will be critical to have your bow restrung and tuned-Feral Kavat

 QPpCgqc.png  "Just kidding."  -Feral Kavat



Possibly the memeiest entry yet.

[SOLD, 300p] Amprex Toxicron (+85.8 Toxin, +132.9 Critical Chance / Rank 8/8 / Naramon (dash) / MR13 / Cycle Count 13)


SOLD to the gentleman in the top hat for: 300p (Trade Chat)

Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 350p


This Toxicron pumps your Amprex's critical chance up to 191.45% (91.45% red crit) or more, depending on how you mod your weapon.


Toxin damage is versatile in producing viral/gas/corrosive, all interesting options when building up a continuous-fire weapon.

The toxin will combine (on its own) naturally with Amprex's electric damage to produce corrosive damage with no other elemental commitments.  QVc8DCr.png

All of the red numbers popping up on your screen is truly a thing to behold.

  EHRfAbi.png "Unlimited Power" -Carrier Prime


[SOLD, 60p] Ogris Geli-acrican (+120 Critical Damage, +82.3 Multishot, +91 Cold / Rank 5/8 / Madurai (v) / MR8 / Cycle Count 5)


SOLD to the lady in the velour jacket for: 60p (Trade Chat)

Will sell to you on-the-spot for: 60p

 tg7fFxk.pngActually made from grape jelly.

This is a really cool mod with three very solid stats. At 5 cycles, it still has potential to grow, if one were to be so inclined. Three excellent stats with no penalty. The V polarity is a huge convenience as well.

I infused it up to rank 5/8 to do some testing for our benefit--

I advocate using this in combination with Split Chamber, as their combination will allow you a 72.3% chance to fire three rockets in a single shot (always firing at least two); and with Nightwatch Napalm, causing each individual rocket to create a napalm fireball.

  lbWAsJh.png    Ux0bGrK.png

As the wiki states, each of these fireballs have a 100% chance to inflict the heat status effect (burn/panic) continuously over the fireballs' six second lifespan, and the fireball radius is increased by Firestorm, giving your three-rocket Ogris some monstrous area-denial potential.



I tested while using Heavy Caliber to demonstrate the effects:


 KTQLAly.jpgBest girl Nova












See our ad in People Magazine!







What are your_Desires?

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