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With the intro of Riven mods, vaulted items and other desirableness, trade chat has devolved into a poor forum to do business. The number one comment I hear is that "Trade chat is cancer." Not sure what that has to do with trade chat but here is my solution... and do not tell me DE will lose money. All they have to do is put a plugin for their purchase plat feature. Give the player incentive to not spam chat. Link an account and inventories so that you don't even have to launch the game. (I know that would take just as long as the app........ I digress) 

This is my contribution, in its infant design. Who knows, maybe if i get fed up with chat again, i will make it more shnazzy.




I also understand that the devs what the game to have immersive gameplay where this is the opposite approach. This is a proof of concept and could very easily be implemented into the trading post or as a dojo item.

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