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Maroo's Bazaar Vendor/Buyer Experience Improvement Feedback


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I have some feedback regarding the trading experience in maroo's bazaar.  


The current system has players list one to five items of their choice which sits above them in a list as they stand about the Bazaar. Potential customers walk about waiting for the item rotation for each vendor and/or read the lists floating about. 

There is a few issues with the current setup. The first being screen space. When its busy, there is a lot of clutter with player names, item lists, and images all fighting for your attention above player heads. Its too much signage, visual bombardment.  Another issue with the system is the limit of five items per vendor. For a player like myself, five items is really minimal. I have many items id like to list at once, and as is would only clutter up the screens even more. The last issue with the system is that there has to be so much player interaction between the vendor and customer in order for the transaction to take place. So much so that accidents or curious newbiepoos initiating trade out of curiosity are some what of an inconvenience. names get stuck on the screen too when the hud breaks (which is quite often) so it seems like theres a lot of leaving and coming back just to see what the other side of the Bazaar has for sale...


The trade experience would be so much better if we could view the players items in a menu, just like we do with baro ki'teer.

For example, Let me list one item per mastery rank. Let me set the item AND sale price, be it platinum or another item. Then, players can walk up, view catalog and purchase price, and if they have the plat or the item they're able to buy it then and there. 

To improve the buyers experience, allow them to define an item in a 'buyers menu' that highlights any player currently selling the desired item. 

a system in the style of the example above could free up the players screen from all the name and item clutter, would allow for more than one customer to interact with the vendor at a time, minimize the amount of back and forth text chat and unnecessary clicking per complete or incomplete transaction, expedite the trade process, and reduce the amount of excess browsing.


im not a big fan of market boards or auction houses. i love the live trade and fluctuation of the market with availability and how we've managed to avoid a total surplus and deflation by keeping a live trade system. however, i think that an updated system that takes into account the points above could serve as a happy medium between the logic of the current economy and convenience and functionality of the market board.


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