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4 things we really need for fashionframe


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1: The ability to color each piece of our warframe separately.

Helmet, body, syandana, left shoulder armor, right shoulder armor, left leg armor, right leg armor.

There are many accessories that can't be made to go well together as is, since the tint boxes arn't always used for the same parts.

Take the Knave armor, and the Uru Prime Syandana.

With most accessories, tint box 4 is for metal,

but with the Knave armor parts, the metal is on tint box 1.

The uru prime syandana's metal is on tint box 3.


2: The ability to make a Prime Warframe use the basic warframe body.

Almost non of the skins fit well on the Primes, most noticeably Valkyr Prime and Vauban Prime.

Texture tearing, warping, displacements sometimes even.

The Phased Skin on Vauban Prime just looks tearable, the body's textures are stretched over the Prime parts on his legs, chest and arms.

But the belt/skirt/coat-tail, isn't stretched over.

It could be placed like the weapon visibility toggle at the top of the weapon appearance page.

Turned on your Prime would have it's normal body, turned off it would have the basic body.


3: Auxiliary slot(s) for every warframe.

For most warframes it would be used by their belt/skirt, for primes it would be used for their extra gold parts.

(like Rhino Prime's shoulders, and hip armor, or Vauban Prime's boot and arm spikes, or Volt's tesla butt and knees)


4: More universally usable weapon skins.

Currently the only universally usable skins are from the Deluxe sets.. and the christmas stuff, like candy cane scythe, and jingle bell fists.

But I'd LOVE to be able to use the Nightwatch Machete skin with the Gazel Machete.

Or the Brokk hammer skin with Jat Kittage, Helicore, and Sibear.

Or the Claymire skin with War, and Gram.




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1) I also want to be able to color separatly the "primes parts" separatly.

3) I think this should be not on auxiliary slot but a new slot, allowing you to remove the prime part but also some other cloth like Trinity's skirt (even strega), Equinox cloths, etc...

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