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Kill Farm Exploit

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On most Mobile Defense missions there is a random fail mission timer, basically if you don't do the mission or finish it and don't extract, eventually you get a mission fail screen.  This is not true however for Boethius, Mercury.  You can stay in here for hours, days, however long you want and nothing will happen.  With the tileset that spawns for the MD though, enemies will keep spawning and if a frame like equinox, its no problem to get 6-8000 kills a hour.  You just have to stand by the console and kill away.  The enemies never stop spawning unlike other missions, it's basically E-Gate.  Easy fix would be to change the tileset, make enemies stop spawning in that tileset or add the mission fail timer to that mission.  The tileset is aways the same, the two MD target on each side of the room with the defense in the middle once you are done.  Seeing as its a MD, the enemies never level up and is a low level planet to begin with, making them easy to kill with Equinox. 

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