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Extra Clan/Alliance tabs

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I would like to see the option for clans and alliances to be able to make extra chat tabs.  My reason behind this is, if you are in a moon, mountain, or a big alliance, they mightn't allow trading in tab.  Usually that's because they want the tab to remain helpful and if everyone is spamming WTB, WTS WTTF, those people who ask for help would be quickly gone and overlooked.

That is were a extra tab for each would be so helpful.  Have one for general talk, info, recruiting, and one for trading.  The tab would only be there if the Warlord of the clan activated it, so the people in my little ghost clan wouldn't have one, but there would be a second one for my alliance as the founding clan would active it.  Giving the option to make that tab invisible in the options menu would be great too, that would anyone who decided to never use it could not have it there. 

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