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Limbo quest broken at chassis section.


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I had finally managed to complete the chassis collection which took forever since the map spawns kept breaking after 3-4 excavators but that is a bug for another time. I crafted the chassis and then crafted the frame only to still have the Limbo quest pop up and tell me to run the chassis mission. 

Which I did attempt in the hopes that getting another blueprint would kick the quest enough that it would get check for the frame and realize it is completed. Unfortunately the spawns are still broken after 3-4 extractors and I haven't had the patience to farm it again.

Edit: Managed to get a second chassis and will find out in 12hrs if that will unstick the quest or not :/

EditEdit: Manufacturing the second Chassis did complete the quest, thankfully I did not have to craft a second frame. Which would not have been possible. As the previous other pieces had already been used to craft Limbo.


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