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Jackal Bug (exploitable?)


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Okay i went into solo jackal with my volt, had tryed a few times before and failed... anyway before entering the room i made sure i had full energy, and as much ammo as possable and decided to take him on...

Anyway to start the fight, i ran up to the center of the room and hit my 4 key once he was almost out of the lift, this caused him to go nuts and constantly pound the ground (the AoE move) and he was stuck doing that for 5 min or so..

Eventually he did unbug, but for a team of 2-3 warframes it would make the boss pretty easy to kill him in that state (providing they stay at range, and can handle alot of screenshake >.< )

Anyway, not sure if its repeatable or not, im not game enough to do that fight again for a little while (probably later tonight ^^ i dident seem to get anything off him the first time round)

** just a sidenote... i did most of the fight with him unbugged as i was too busy wondering what the hell i had done to cause a "hammer time" moment

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