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Excavator Overdrive


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Have you ever ran an excavation mission and found yourself in a situation where there are many power cells laying around uselessly since the excavator already has enough energy to complete the excavation?

Why not have a mechanic where we're given a choice to be able to put those power cells to use for an additional challenge for a nice reward?

My idea is, for example (these are exclusive to each other):

  1. Excavator Overdrive - By keeping the excavator power level at above 100, we can make the excavator drill faster.
  2. Excavator Overdrive B - When you put a power cell to the excavator, it will receive a brief buff in drilling speed that is stackable.
  3. Excavator Overshield - Excavator can be given an overshield by putting in more power cells (I think this also provide us with a more dynamic choice on what is the most effective frames we can bring for excavation missions)
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