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Warframe: The Change Within (INCOMPLETE)


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Hello all, I'll make this comment short, this whole topic will be about changes I want to see in Warframe. Please tell me if there are any errors.




GAMEPLAY: What aspects I want in the game as I'm playing it.


Gamemodes: As we know, Warframe started off as just an action game. This game had no lore, no holders and no reason to play. Now the game is far better, being with new frames, new gameplay mechanics and ways to play the game! So what I am suggesting we should have 5+ more game-modes. It will help the game build up, and with veterans they can go back to that old nostalgic feeling of when they first played the game. Below you will see game-modes I suggest.


Hitman: A mix of a spy mission (in the aspect of being as stealthy as possible) and capture. This gamemode will have you in a city/town like area with civilians, this can be Corpus or Grineer. What you do is run around the city/town and find the target you have to assassinate. To make the gamemode differ from capture you will have multiple objectives. Get into the city/town without being detected, find the target (will be heavily guarded, killing the protected target leads enemies to find your location and kill you). And then wait for the enemies to put down their guard or wait for the target to be placed down on a stage (Civilians will gather around the target as they will talk to the NPCS and will be vulnerable to attacks without the guards being able to kill you.).  I like the idea of this gamemode because it gives me an Assassins Creed feeling. Also, make sure the environment is explorable.


Warship (ARCHWING): This is a gamemode EVERYONE will be happy with. It's simple to understand really. Battleships will be placed in random areas in the StarChart, you can click on them if you want, but they are not nodes or labeled unless clicked upon. Once you've selected one Lotus, Ordis, or a Syndicate operative will tell you they've detected a Grineer Galleon or a Corpus battleship. When you are alerted you'll have a different message from whoever contacts you, all with different reasoning. What you do basically is jump from your orbiter, deploy your Archwing, fly to the ship (enter, but there will be small fighter ships and Archwing enemies protecting the ship), enter the ship (Looks as normal as the other ships in Warframe), destroy the ship from the inside then fly out. Rewards should be something as you get from rescue missions, but greater.


Artillery (GRINEER ONLY): This one will be more simple, but way harder to complete. This is kind of like a normal Invasion mission, but with waaaaaaaaaaay more enemies. And I mean way more, let's says about...500-1000? This will be harder to complete solo, but possible. It's basically 1-4 man army, vs a whole army. The enemy team will include a high variation of enemy troops, 3 commanders, 1 general (maybe Sargus Ruk???), 5 giant tanks, multiple vehicles mounted with turrets (everyone's enemy) and ships (not Galleons) in the background that will shoot lasers down, trying to take you out. It's extermination, but with a larger take on the extermination method. Also the AI will have to be improved.

Thats all I got for Gamemodes. :D

Link to an earlier post I made regarding Infested gamemodes: 



Movement: How your character is positions and more animation to make the game harder. :^)


  • Operator: Movement for the Operator, since you know, they can only sprint, jump and crouch.

      Double jumping: This is going to be a normal double jump, but they will not flip in the air. The operator will just emit void energy, making them double jump.

      Rolling: Roll forward, left barrel roll, right barrel roll. 

      Sliding: Same as the Warframe, but after sliding it will leave a trail of void energy which deals radiation damage, kind of like Oberon's 'Hollowed Ground'

      Rocks lol: I had no real title for this. But in the Kuva fortress there are rocks that move when acted upon, so what would be cool is if Operators (and maybe Warframes) could carry these       rocks and use them as weapons. If an enemy is on the ground and you hover over them with a rock, it will fall on their head and break their skull (pretty brutal)


  • Warframe: More movement mechanics for your Warframe! :D

      Walk: Self-explanatory, but if added your Warframe will look bad*** walking away from an explosion.

      Sliding: Same as before, but when sliding on an enemy it trips them. (Kind of funny hehe)


Damage Type: but what effects it has on enemies.

Puncture: When using a high puncture weapon, this can pierce through enemies, leaving holes in their bodies. If the weapon also has slash (Even the smallest amount) the enemy will bleed for that amount of slash damage.

Impact: Still staggers enemies, but if used on legs it can actually break them, making the enemies have to crawl or drag their leg. Also if used to kill and enemy, whatever body part is used on will be smashed in.

Slash: Cuts off the the enemies body parts if the slash damage is high enough, if used on the head it will 1 shot (only with weapons like the Drakoon, Miter, etc).

Electric: If the enemy survives the electric damage, it will pass onto all other enemies that come near the affected enemy. Lasts forever until the original enemy dies, but the original will not take damage over time,  just can spread it to others.

Fire: Spreads like electricity, but doesn't last on the enemy forever.

Viral: The new torture method, when used it will give the enemy a virus, this does not spread but it can make enemies incredibly sick, does not kill the enemy but makes them top moving to grab their stomach.

Magnetic: When used on robotic enemies, it makes them magnetic, attracting other metal enemies.


Operator Weapons: Weapons for the Operators, so they can defend themselves.

Melees: Daggers, scythes, and staffs can be used on the Operator as melees.

Secondary: Single pistols, throwing weapons, and hand cannons (like gammacor and atomos)

Primary: Bows only.


Operator Modding: Making your Operator a stronger and more complete foe.

This works the same as all other arsenal items, but you have to goto your Operator to mod it directly. Also, Operators have their own mod sections in the Mod Segment.


Artificial Intelligence: The way enemies interact with the world

Hearing: Making sound, (falling from high places or running) will alert enemies of where you are.

Sight: Enemies can see further, they also notice your Kubrow.

Alerting: If you are noticed, enemies will yell to others telling them you are here. Grineer commanders will have a phone-like thing to call in a Grineer Blitz (You'll see what this is in the enemy section).

Enemy to Enemy Interaction: Enemies will interact with eachother, showing their guns, chatting and give orders. (This will be fun to walk as Loki or Ivara)

'Dog' Masters: Hyekka (and other) Masters will interact with their 'pet', pointing where they want them to go, petting them and feeding them.

Prisoners: Grineer and Corpus wardens will walk around with prisoners (even if not on a rescue mission) and you can choose to free them to get extra fire power. 

Operatives: Operatives you rescue will pick up enemy weapons.






Enemies: New foes you fight in the game.


GRINEER: The Grineer enemies you will face.

Medics: Grineer medics will go around, healing enemies (they are very rare to spawn) and curing status effects. They can be easily 1 shotted.

  • Armor: 0
  • Health: 200 (Flesh)
  • Shields: 0
  • Weapon: They use a Sydon with an ice proc on it.
  • Clothing: A green cloth covering their face with 'Medicine' spelled in Grineer. Dark green robes in a brown Grineer pattern. They have thin springed legs that allows them speed to get to their allies faster.
  • Gender: Female:
  • Speed: 1.20 Running 


Blitz: Huge enemies called in by Grineer Commanders. They are 2.5x larger than a Grineer lancer. They are the only Grineer unit with shields.

  • Armor: 700 (Ferrite)
  • Health: 500 (Flesh)
  • Shields: 50 (Protoshield)
  • Weapon: Brown Knux that cover in fire once the Blitz unit goes under 50% health
  • Clothing: Heavy blue and gray metal, thick legs that resemble a Anti-Moa's. Tan-Gray tattoo on their back that resembles the Rhino Warframe.
  • Gender: Male
  • Speed: 0.65


CORPUS: Corpus enemies

Sminos Moa: Small robot that comes in a platoon, overcoming your Warframe by tackling it and shooting multiple times.

  • Armor: 20 (Alloy)
  • Health: 50 (Robotic)
  • Shields: 10 (Protoshield)
  • Weapon: Normal MOA laser
  • Clothing: A small Moa covered in yellow and black. 4 legs instead of 2.
  • Gender: N/A
  • Speed: 2.00


BOSS: New Boss

LUA: Apocalipse - CALVERIE (Boss' Name) LEVEL 60

Famine, Conquest, War, and Death are the 4 guardians on Lua.


WAR: The 1st enemy on Apocalipse, riding a brown steed with flames flailing from it's mane.

Armor: 500 (Alloy)

Health: 1000 (Flesh)

Shields: 0

Weapon: Galatine Prime - Heat

Clothing: Light-brown skin with a black steel helmet and chest piece. Leather skirt and large shoulder plates that look like a dragon's head.

Gender: Male

Speed: 1.50 (Horse) 1.00 (No Horse)


Intensify: Gives allies 2x armor and damage output

Kingdom of Fire: Burns the area around him, creating a highly dangerous area to exploit your weakness.

Fire Wave: Creates a wave (similar to a Tsunami) of fire that pushes you back and adds the fire proc.


CONQUEST: The 2nd enemy on Apocalipse, riding their beautiful white horse, creating light from it's eyes and hooves.

Armor: 100 (Alloy)

Health: 700 (N/A)

Shields: 200 (Proto)

Weapon: Paris Prime - Cold

Clothing: Golden crown and a white cloth in a golden string texture covering his body, large wings in his back. Their arms show and are of tan color.

Gender: Male

Speed: 1.45 (Horse) 1.60 (Wings) 1.10 (No Wings/Horse)


Date: Slows you down and steals your shields to put to their own.

Force of Life: Heals allies slowly, stops once they're hit.

Creation: Conquest spawns light from no where, it burns your skin and adds the radiation proc to you.


FAMINE: The 3rd enemy on Apocalipse, mounting a thin decaying horse with deep eye sockets.

Armor: 15 (Alloy)

Health: 1500 (Flesh)

Shields: 0 

Weapon: Scindo Prime - Toxic

Clothing: Green cloth covering their waist. They are extremely thin and light, but they carry a heavy weapon with ease. Their skin is also rotted.

Gender: ???

Speed: 1.20 (Horse) 0.70 (No Horse)


Feed: Worms from the ground feed and leech off of your body, making you lose health incredibly fast.

Rain: A storm of death comes from the sky, attacking you with the corrosive and toxic proc.

Reckon: Gives allies a shield of power (200 health) like Rhino's Iron Skin.


Death: The 4th and final enemy of Apocalispe. They ride a horse that is all bones, dark, dark, dark bones. 

Armor: 700 (Alloy)

Health 500 (Fossilized)

Shields: 0

Weapon: Reaper Prime - Electric

Clothing: A black Robe, similar to Conquest's but all that shows of him are his bones on his chest and legs.

Gender: N/A

Speed: 1.40 (Horse) 1.15 (No Horse)


Rebound: Giant hands lift you into the air, crushing your body. (Can be dodged easily)

Halo: Raises the dead from the ground, giving them the power to take you down (lasts for 10 seconds)

Death by God: From around you, spikes arrive from the ground, dealing slash and puncture damage.


The Calverie of Apocolipse are easy to defeat, it's similar to Lephantis, but differs in some aspects. You will fight them 1 at a time, once they are all defeated they all come out at once, off their horse (Conquest will switch between their wings and legs). They have 50% less armor, shields, and health after the 1st stage. (TO BE CONTINUED, I'm sleeping lol.)

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Grineer dont have cites to my knowlege, the only civilian colonies are in the hands of Corpus or free, protected by sinds. So hitman would have to be Corpus only.

As to weapons for Operators. Seconderies and melee only. Melee is limited in types, you cant use heavy weapons, but apart from that, no other restrictions. You can use all secondaries, but if you use take akimbo one, you take only one, not 2. It only gest a debuff of halving your mag cap and a buff for reload, making it 0.6 times that of what you took.

Edited by Xardis
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2 minutes ago, Xardis said:

Grineer dont have cites to my knowlege, the only civilian colonies are in the hands of Corpus or free, protected by sinds. So hitman would have to be Corpus only.

As to weapons for Operators. Seconderies and melee only. Melee is limited in types, you cant use heavy weapons, but apart from that, no other restrictions. You can use all secondaries, but if you use take akimbo one, you take only one, not 2. It only gest a debuff of halving your mag cap and a buff for reload, making it 0.6 times that of what you took.

That would make sense, cause they're all clones I don't think they'd be free (other than the genetically loose ones). So Ill change that after I goto sleep. I just assumed they were because the Grineer on the Kela de Thaym fight look like they might be civilians. 

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