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Warframe Concept Idea: Shade


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"Day One: We finished combining the Warframe's into one.
Day Seven: We established a connection between or 'pilot' and the Warframe
Day 17: He seems to show personalites fitting to the Warframes it was created of. Deceiving. Deadly. Interested in Corpses.
Day 60: The basic abilities start to work with small differences to their originals.
Day 170: The abilities changed massively and only show small traits of their originals.
               - Two of us died while tryin to get the 'pilot' out of the link to this...monster.
Day 223: The Warframe seems to vanish at a small distance if it's dark.
                - One of us died while searchin for the Warframe.
Day 224: We managed to get the 'pilot' out of the link. He has become paranoid and only talks about Nightmares.
               - Even without someone controlling it the Warframe still is active and its behaviour changed. It now acts like a wounded beast.
Day 235: Shade. It shall be named Shade. It started to evolve to his position not being controlled. It's stalks us in his chamber. ready to strike.
Day 469: Shade changed its behaviour. Its more relaxed and we are able to approach it in his Chamber without fearing death.
               - The 'pilot' starts to behaves like his former self again.
Day 500: Today we saw how Shade created an Image of itself and they tried to cooperate with each other to climb up to the Vents but ended up fighting each other. The Image of it has been destroyed by Shade. We will keep an eye on this.
Day 534: Shade has created 4 images of itself this time with much better coordination. They tried to escape again but we could stop them. We don't now for how long we can do this anymore.
Day 535: The 'pilot' was found dead. His Skin pale. Eyeballs black like the mist which shade's body escapes.
Day 567: We are sure one of the Images escaped which Shade creates and killed him now.
Day 569: Shade escaped 70% of our crew already died to him and his small army.
Day X: I don' know how long i survived now but i managed to escape through and escape pod. I landed near and Outpost of Nef Anyo. Maybe he will help me destroying Shade and revenge our fellow Crewman.


A Warframe created by the sick experiments of the Corpus. Combined of parts from Ash, Loki and Nekros he combines the aspects and stalks his prey.


Stats (lvl 0): Health: 300
                    Shiled:  25
                    Armor:  85
                    Sprint speed: 1.3
                    Energy: 200

Stats (lvl 30): Health: 475
                    Shiled:  300
                    Armor:  85
                    Sprint speed: 1.3
                    Energy: 400

First Ability:
Shattered (25 + Health percentage split between each shade): Shade creates 1/2/3/4 images of himself and splits his health between them.
                  They have the same stats as Shade but fight with bare hands (Melee Weapon increases Damage)
                  Can be recasted to regain the health of each shard of himself

                  Mod is affected by: Power Strength, Efficency and the stats of Shade
                  (If someone has an idea to change this ability i would like to hear it. even if its just to move it to another slot)

A Shard will look like Shade just with small pieces of the body missing and look like Dark Water.

Second Ability:
Stalking (25): Shade marks an enemy in a range of 5/10/15/20m and becomes invisible for this target if he stands atleast 3m away from him. If revealed the target is feared for 1/2/3/4 seconds and becomes unarmed. The Shards will be revealed at 5m range and only fear for 0.5 seconds and won't disarm the enemy but will stop attacking every enemy and hunt this target and killing him with an execution which destroys the shard but is leathal for the target.The destroyed Shard will give Shade 20% health of a Shards health and 2% of the targets health. Only one will be destroyed for an execution.
Following Enemies won't be affected by this ability: Bursas, every roller variant, Ancients, bosses, Kuva Guardians and jester.

Affected by: Range, Efficency and Duration
(This ability will maybe changed in the future)

Third Ability:
???(50) (i dont know a name for this at the moment. ideas are welcome!)
Shade will stant still of a moment and sends a shard of his hand in the aimed direction. If the Shard hits an Enemy he will deal 50/100/150/200 damage with a 2 second Slash proc which deals 25/50/75/100 each second and the Shard will disappear. (this Shard wont get an percentage of Shades health)
If the Shard kills the enemy Shade will give the Shard 5% of his current life to keep it alive. (Maximum of these kind of Shards 2/3/4/5) These Shards will deal only 20% of the damage of a normal Shard and take 200% more damage but regain full health for each enemy they kill. they wont be affected by Stalking and act like a charger spectre with the exception they will fight as group and cant be commanded to stand still and will always attack the nearest enemy.
If a Shard is targetted Shade will switch position with him and knock back enemies in a 3/4/5/6 m radius and deal 2% of their current health (the damage only procs if they are above 70/60/50/40% health).

The Ability is affected by Shade's health pool, Range, Duration, Strength, Efficency and Melee Weapon Damage

Fourth ability:
Consuming Mist (150): Shade will emit Mist from his body which will consume each body in a range of 20/25/30 m and creates a Mist Shard (Only difference of the appearence would be they look like fog in the form of a Warframe instead of the Dark water look)  which have 100/150/200 health for each of them and deal 10% of a normal Shard. They will stay alive for 10/20/30 seconds and have no resistance to damage types which means they are most in time one shot by higher level enemies and will most act like a distraction. They will use one of three Weapons: Dark Dagger, Ballistica, Attica. (the damage of the range weapons is 5% of a normal shade + 5% of your Primary/Secondary weapon. The Weapon would emit Mist.)

Affected by: Shade's Health and Weapon stats, Range, Duration, Strength, Efficency

Death's clothing: He will rip apart a dead enemy which will feed the Mist of him and vanishing him for 15 seconds.
Hunter's Claw's: If no Melee Weapon is equipped he will use his Claws as melee weapon (the claws will use the default sparring attacks without stance equipped). They can be modded like a normal melee weapon. they would have 10% status chance, 2.0x Crit muliplier. (if an orokin reactor is installed it will duplicate the energy cap for the claws aswell). They would deal 40 Shlash, 10 Impact, 10 Puncture if no stance is equipped with 1.0 attack speed and 5% crit chance. If Claw stance is equipped damage will be changed to: 70 Shlash, 5 Impact, 20 Puncture. Attack speed would be 1.2 and Crit 20%. Sparring Stance Damage would be 35 each with 15% crit and 1.1 A.S. Fist Stance would Change the Damge to 60 Shlash, 15 Impact, 25 Puncture with 0.9 A.S and 20% crit chance

I hope you like this idea for my warframe. maybe i will change the name of everything in the future or tweaking the idea over and over again


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