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Challenge Rooms on Lua: Tips and Tricks



Hey Folks,

So with consoles getting The War Within today, I have been attempting (and failing miserably) at completing the final Sedna Junction requirement: getting 3 different drift mods from the challenge rooms. I'm having a devil of a time and was hoping to get tips and tricks on how to complete them. Which mission on Lua is the best for actually finding the rooms? Are there ways to quickly find the rooms? Any advice on actually completing the challenges?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

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21 minutes ago, (PS4)abbacephas said:

Which mission on Lua is the best for actually finding the rooms? Are there ways to quickly find the rooms?

As for these questions, I typically use Crossfire Exterminate because it means I can work on the challenge without being interrupted by enemies, but the spawn rates of the trial rooms is rather low.

If you don't mind having enemies on your back, give Mobile Defense a shot. All of the trial rooms are possible spawns for a Mobile Defense objective console, so that should boost your odds of finding one.

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On PC, just running public games on Plato (exterminate) can usually find a group taking care of both sentients and challenge rooms.  Even if you run into a group that's focusing on sentients, you can usually convince them to do most of the easier rooms.  Each run usually spawns between 1-3 rooms, although you will occasionally find 0.

Just googling "halls of ascension" will give you some nice videos on how to do each one.  Some are pretty difficult while others are trivial with the right setup.

Some tips:

 - Power Drift: the most trivial of the bunch, just stand by the walls.
 - Cunning Drift: Stand on the lip of hole in the pillar rather than on the platform in front of it, and it will be easier to jump out of the way
 - Endurance Drift: Pretty hard to brute force without a lot of health/shield pads.  Each laser has a button that your squadmates can shoot to make it stop firing for a bit.  There are also raising pillars they can stand by to block some lasers.
 - Stealth Drift: The easiest to cheese with two people: have one go stand at the end, second person starts the test, and it's insta-solved
 - Speed Drift: Apparently you can re-run this one now, so if you're lucky enough to see it then just try, try again.
 - Coaction Drift: You will need a group with this one.  Make sure you touch both buttons at each corner, there is a second one below the first one.  For the last part you can hold down extra buttons with your 5 if you're short a person or two.
 - Agility Drift:  Just don't.  There are ways to cheese it a little but, but even those require a lot of practice.  I hate this one so much.

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Additional tip...for Endurance Drift if you have Ivara and the Infiltrate augment mod you can just literally prowl, jump on the trigger pad (which deactivates prowl), jump off, re-activate prowl and jump back on the pad and then just stand there. The lasers don't harm you and you can just watch the water tower fill up.


Also, I think to meet the Sedna junction requirements it just needs to be 3 drift mods (not different ones) as I'm sure I got Power Drift twice and it counted...I have no hard evidence to support this however, just my memory :-)


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