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Relic acquisition by Mission lvl


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First, I want to say that I love the relic system. However, one grudge I have with it is that it's near impossible to get Axi relics outside of endless modes, only exception being ONE Axi relic (A1) dropping rarely from a SINGLE non-endless node (Pavlov, which is also cluttered with ALL meso relics and ALL Neo relics).

Capture missions also have a chance to award a Relic (about 5% chance it seems) but they are all Lith regardless of mission lvl.

There's also too much clutter with relics dropping everywhere. Meso relics you can find them from Mars to Sedna, that's a huge gap.

So here's my suggestion: Relics rewards separated into tiers depending on mission lvl.

1-10 = Lith

11-20 Lith&Meso

21-35 = Meso&Neo

36-50 = Neo&Axi

51 or above = Axi

This would apply to all mission types.

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