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thankyou DE!


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just wanted to show appreciation for this update, and maybe spark a discussion about how everyone feels about it! I've done the quest, and wow... just wow. DE hit it out of the park again, and it even made me like my Emo kid a little bit more. I kinda chose to go the "dark" route in the quest, but it was incredibly fun. the new Fortress Tileset is AWESOME: hats off to whoever designed it! I'm still learning the nooks and crannies as it is pretty big, but I love the Kuva style. just logged off after unlocking it all, tomorrow I'll farm Kuva for the weapons.

thank you DE for managing to release it this side of Christmas, which I totally didn't expect. this is one of the best updates yet and I'm sure many others will agree!

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I find it fascinating how now consoles go through the same stages as PC did a month ago.
First appreciation. Then will come whining, complaints, following them meta-complaints etc, etc ,etc.

Circle of life, at its finest.


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