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Sortie Rewards Idea


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Yet another idea into the void.

I was thinking there could be an element of choice in the sortie rewards. Something along the lines of what the relics offer. When the final sortie finishes either each person gets a pick of one of three randomly selected rewards from the entire list of possible rewards for a sortie or, like relics, each person is awarded one and people can choose which of that small array they get.

So say you finish a sortie today and get the option of picking Nitain x3, 4000 endo, or a Zenurik Lens. Tomorrow you might get the choice between a veiled riven mod, 2000 endo or a Forma. While what is available could be totally random, it would at least offer an element of choice. And because of the removal of options, like now, you wouldn't be able to get legendary core after legendary core.

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