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>> WTS great Rivens (Soma, Synapse, Quanta, Ignis)

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> Selling a few nice mods:

(1) Soma Sati-critalis  (maxed)  SOLD

(2) Synapse Critatin  (maxed)  SOLD
(3) Quanta Satidex  (not maxed)
(4) Ignis Visi-zetican  (maxed)

FYI, regarding the Synapse mod, with Point Strike, the crit chance is a massive 255%.
With Vital Sense, the crit multiplier is not 4.4x as shown in game UI, but due to crit level, it actually has a multiplier of 7.80x (45% chance) and 11.20x (55% chance).  Source: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Critical_Hit.



If interested, please leave an offer here, or msg me in game if you find me online. IGN: Hadronox.

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