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Operator and "New Powers" not good (Spoilers)

(XBOX)Requiem of One

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First off, I would like to say kudos to the devs for War Within. It was a nice story but felt rather short, however I do like that I can replay it. To those how have played it all the way through and obtained the new operator powers, then you more than likely know what I'm talking about.

Let's take a look at things that have literally become obsolete because of this....Everything. Everything from when the operator was introduced has become obsolete. Schools, no point anymore. Specific school abilities, don't matter anymore. Now what we have been given as an "upgrade" is an underwhelming weak abilities. This is where major spoilers come in:


Void Beam (Primary Fire): the Operator's default power, the Void Beam is an energy beam made of pure Void energies that extends up to 20 meters, dealing 40 damage per tick to enemies with a 1 meter radius of its impact point, and dealing an additional 50% damage on critical hits. Void Beam consumes energy for every second it is active, and can last up to 9 seconds with a full gauge. Void Beam is silent and will not alert enemies.

So what is being said here is that instead of an actual damaging beam like phoenix gaze, we were given an exchange to the equivalent the weakest weapon in the game that can't be modded. Really? 40 damage. Wow, I might as well through a shoe at the enemy if I want to do real damage.



Void Blast (Quick Melee): The Void Blast is a forward arc area-of-effect attack that knocks back all enemy units caught in its 4 meter radius, and also stuns enemy units like Kuva Guardians. The ability deals negligible damage, with damage being dependent on distance. With a full Energy Gauge, up to 5 Void Blasts can be performed until depletion.

Okay, so a shotgun blast that does pretty much no damage despite what it says and is only useful for the Kuva Guardians. Well ain't this lovely, once again taking off my other shoe to do actual damage.


Void Dash (Crouch + Jump): Void Dash is a mobility power that allows the Operator to perform a short-range teleport within the direction of aim, which will also pull enemies and damage objects caught in its path. It is also used as a utility power, such as in collecting Kuva. With a full energy gauge, the Operator can perform three consecutive dashes before depletion.

A movement ability...I can't even say anything about how useless it is because more often than not when a player goes to try and use it, they're more than likely back in the warframe already because they took too much damage.


Void Mode (Hold Crouch): When activated, Void Mode turns the Operator invisible, preventing them from being seen and detected by enemies and various sensors (but not Corpus laser barriers or Grineer energy barriers), and also protects against any incoming damage, including fall damage and Status Effects. Void Mode is not disabled by nullifiers. Void Energy is gradually consumed every second that Void Mode is active; with a full gauge, Void Mode can last for 9 seconds before depletion.

Great, just what we need, a loki ability where you can't move very fast and it only lasts for 9 seconds at max. I will stick to playing as my Loki Prime, but nice try though.

So with everything said and done, I personally want to be able to use my school trees again with abilities that ACTUALLY help on the battlefield than this absurd "new awakened powers" that I'm playing with.

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Not sure how you "found out" that focus schools are obsolete? They still work exactly the same way, only that you have to hold down the button in order to activate them.

Void Beam does little damage, yes, but did you know that it can strip Sentient enemies of all their resistances?

The other 3 Abilities serve one purpose and that is to hunt for Kuva and Kuva Guardians. Do they suck otherwise? yes. But what is the point of crying over ADDITIONAL abilities you get? Just dont use them if you dont like them...

The transeference system introduced in War Within may seem lackluster, but it lays a foundation for a lot of new possible features, that just arent ready to be shown off yet (you should know what im talking about if you watch devstreams).

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so..... to be the voice of reason..

1) the current format of operators is a foundation for future systems and a rework of the focus reworks so take its current design with a grain of salt

2) you can still use your focus abilities. pressing 5 spawns your operator. Holding 5 down when your focus ability is ready activates it

Edit: ahh I see this is Xbox One, don't know what button is used to spawn operator but i assume holding it down will do the trick

3) sure operator damage isn't sortie level good, however that 40 damage is way better than a lato in practice. it will melt level 30 enemies and that's most of the starchart

4) yes operator health pools are about as robust as wet tissue paper, however for now it makes sense as their current design is heavily intended for stealth

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As was said before, Focus can still be activated by holding down Ability 5.

Personally, I wish they had at least made a token attempt at having school modifiers when they released this, so we could pretend it's useful outside of dealing untyped damage and collecting Kuva.

Just a quick example:


Madurai: Operator runs faster and has a status (chroma-like?) aura.

Vazarin: Operator has shields and heals it's group while present.

Naramon: Operator melee opens finishers. Operator can perform finishers.

Unairu: Operator has increased health. Operator dash petrifies enemies.

Zenurik: Operator has a larger energy pool, and can restore energy to allies with beam.



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