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6 Trade Slots


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DE could you please add another trade slot. Some of the weapons here being sold as a set (such as Akstilleto Prime) requires 6 slots to trade completely. I know I can ask them to trade a few parts first then the remaining later but it is just a waste of trading uses.

Like today, I sold someone an Akstilleto Prime Set for only 80p (do not judge my price). But I could not trade a complete set because the trade slot only has 5. Akstilleto Prime has 6 parts; Blueprint / Link / x2 Barrels / x2 Receivers. So for our first trade I asked him/her to give me 60p for the few parts without the Receivers. Then on the second trade 20p for the Receivers. Trade is a success but I just used 2 trades just to sell it. Which is kind of a waste

Also, this lack of trade slot could be used to scam people if they are not careful

So please add another trade slot to trade equipment that requires 6 parts

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+1, but watch, a month or two after they add a sixth slot, they'll release a prime item that requires 7 bps/parts.

Personally, I'd like to see them add an option to just trade entire sets at once. So if you have an Akstilleto Prime set you wanna sell, you can just go over to a new tab named "Prime Sets", click on the Akstilleto Prime set, and then you'll be able to trade the entire set (and nothing else) at once, no matter how many bps/parts it takes. This would be a convenient shortcut for anyone trading any other prime set, and they wouldn't have to keep increasing the number of trading slots.

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