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Sortie 2 Kuva Fortress Defence - Limbo Rift Inconsistencies


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During the second sortie mission today (9 Dec 2016), I chose to play as limbo to be able to place the operative in the rift to protect him. However, on the kuva fortress defense tile, limbo takes damage from the environmental hazards (red toxin clouds, flamethrower turrets, and electrical pylons) while in the rift himself. My understanding was that while in the rift, limbo does not take damage from or deal damage to entities not in the rift. Why does limbo take damage from the map hazards while in the rift? This was extremely frustrating, as it severely limited limbo's ease of mobility around the map to support teammates, since his primary role in sortie defence is not to kill enemies but to protect the operative and revive allies when needed.

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