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Probably a bug: Conculyst drop table


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I have to assume this is a bug.  war blade and war hilt are listed as uncommon drops from conculyst.  In fact, they have a number of uncommon drops.  You would expect these to be on par, in terms of droprate, with battalyst dropping broad eye etc.


But no.  I spent 6 hours farming Plato with Nekros by rushing forward until occulysts spawned, killing the sentients, and abandoning on a failed drop to save time.  I did not get a single piece from conculysts.  I didn't even see most of their uncommon mods.  A single copy of spry sights and twitch.  In that same amount of time, battalysts dropped 5 of their rare mods, and a handful of orokin cells.  There is a clear imbalance in conculyst's drop table.  It's bad enough that they are rarer to spawn, but the bugged drops just make this insane.  Please fix them.

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