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Want Gorgon Riven Mod[CLOSED]

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So I'm on xbox one and I just completed the War Within and received my first Riven mod, however it was for the Ogris and I really want a riven mod for my Gorgon.

Since I want a gorgon riven mod I am willing to do one of the following in order to acquire one:

  • I'll trade the Ogris Riven mod for it.
  • I'll be willing to purchase it for 60 Plat.
  • I am even willing to trade my Fragor set or Soma set for it.

If you are willing to accept one of these offers and you are on xbox one please send me a message either on xbox live or here on the forum.


I was able to get my hands on a Gorgon Riven mod so this thread is no longer needed.

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Was able to get my gorgon riven mod
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