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Lemma Von Zorn [Alliance recruiting]


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Hello there

We are Lemma Von Zorn. Don't be confused by the German name, this alliance is international. We currently consist of 7 clans, mixed Ghost and Shadows and one beginners Storm. Currently we are very small and some clans are stricken by inactivity of beloved members. I want to combat this by further expanding. We want to bring our Alliance Chat alive. of a well sized active player base by now.

Join us!

We like new players and we like to help.

We like seasoned players and we like to raid. My own Shadow Storm clan Unvollständigkeitsaxiom consists primarily of experienced players that enjoy raids and helping out our newcomers. We just lack the number of people to do it regularly in full groups.

You can find our Steamgroup here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/unvollstaendigkeitsaxiom
Our Discord at: https://discord.gg/THcaTmN

See you later, eXophobia

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Time goes by, things change.
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