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19.2 Hysteria/Dispatch Overdrive Exploit


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A Valkyr equipped with Dispatch Overdrive can infinitely raise their base speed permanently.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Equip Dispatch Overdrive on your melee weapon with Valkyr.

2) Activate Hysteria, and trigger Dispatch Overdrive buff with a channeled kill.

3) Immediately disable Hysteria, and trigger Dispatch Overdrive with your regular melee weapon.

4) Wait for the Dispatch Overdrive buff to run out of time, then repeat from step 2.



You may have to only have a melee weapon equipped to perform this exploit, as I did not test further.

Your speed can increase to the point where other players game clients begin to experience severe lag.

The upper limit of the speed increase seems to be determined by limits of the game engine.

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Just to add, this also happens with Excalibur Exalted Blade, happened during a Kuva Flood this morning, subsequent stackings eventually lead to achieving light speed. I literally outran my blade waves while jogging.

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