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[PC Status Thread] Update 19.5: The Glast Gambit

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Happy Tuesday Wednesday, Tenno! 

Releasing The Glast Gambit is too much of a gamble tonight. We're going aim for an earlier deploy tomorrow (December 22nd) so we can monitor and hotfix as needed. Thanks for your patience, Tenno!

In preparation for the upcoming “The Glast Gambit” 19.5 Update, we will be releasing a preload update that contains all the fixes and changes tonight (Tuesday, December 20th). We’re calling this a “preload” as its purpose serves to prepare for, and better manage, the amount of content coming in 19.5. We also want to assure, to the best of our ability, that the build is stable before release and tackle any major bugs beforehand. Tonight’s preload will essentially give us a good footing to deliver you Nidus, the Index Quest, and much more. 

So what should you expect? The preload will be treated and deployed as any other update, with the exception that the new items and content from The Glast Gambit will not be available until we’ve had time to polish and verify that everything from the preload is working smoothly. You can expect Red Text to countdown as usual, and you’ll be required to restart your Warframe client to receive the update. 

Due to time constraints and continuing work, update notes will not be posted with the preload, but expect them later tonight as we finish them. 

We are very excited to bring you Update 19.5: “The Glast Gambit” later this week, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare for its arrival.

Edit: Update notes here! 


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*cittran approves*


1 minute ago, ..-Hayden-Tenno-.. said:

so no nidus?


Not yet, no. That's kinda the point. They're trying to iron-out as many bugs as possible BEFORE releasing the new stuff. They're just giving us the chance to download the bulk of it beforehand.

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Interesting concept with the 'pre-activation' thing. Could work wonders for virtually everything, when refined to Radiant quality.

12 minutes ago, ..-Hayden-Tenno-.. said:

so no nidus?

What [DE]Danielle means is that they're integrating the update contents they have ready into the live build so they can both A: check if it's stable and B: size down the actual update when it goes live, when everything they wanted to put in it is in it.

10 minutes ago, darksithis002 said:

sweet, can't wait for nidus to come out. have been looking forward to an infested frame since u7 or so back when i suggested it and a lot of ppl shot the idea down.

7x3=19 [It appears that actually isn't the case, as 7+7=14, meaning this math is broken and needs adaptation, but details are missing]. Coincidence?

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Added response to 2 Tenno. Math is bugged right now, pending hotfix.
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