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[PC Status Thread] Update 19.5: The Glast Gambit


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15 minutes ago, cittran said:

*cittran approves*



Not yet, no. That's kinda the point. They're trying to iron-out as many bugs as possible BEFORE releasing the new stuff. They're just giving us the chance to download the bulk of it beforehand.

I think for me personally this is a step in the right direction, but it seems as if they have no one to test the build before it goes live. In World of Warships for example we got to play test on their play test server tomorrow's update two weeks ago giving ample time for fixes and changes. I think it would be in Warframes best interest to do something similar.

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Hope the quest is worth it. Not excited about doing the Index again (it's just another attempt to throw PvP into PvE), but I'm glad you're doing a preload update. Hope you guys continue that for other big updates.

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54 minutes ago, Koldraxon-732 said:

7x3=19 [It appears that actually isn't the case, as 7+7=14, meaning this math is broken and needs adaptation, but details are missing]. Coincidence?

Predicted at u7

delivered in 19.5

7+7+5 = 19 Coincidence? XD

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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