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The War Within: Update 19.4.2 +


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1 hour ago, Midnighthowl101 said:

I would like to point out not to just you but to others complaining about this. We are playing this game for free and they work hard to please us with new content and fix issues we have, asking for refund is rather rude. Especially if its over a minor thing like a wings being opened or closed. at the very least its still apart of the content you can have.

Uh, the sari syandana costs real money and is not free....  In fact, lots of stuff in this game costs real money and whether you buy it with your own cash, or spend tons of time getting in-game cash from other players, you will spend someone's money in this game.

Asking for a refund is not rude, it's communication that you're not satisfied with a product or you find it different from what was advertised.

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24 minutes ago, Baksy said:

My Vulcar Manticron mod was nerfed instead of being buffed.

from 62.1% corpus damage and +206.3% crit chance

to 56.3% corpus damage and +187.1% crit chance

Please fix


Great! Instead of fixing look what DE did:

First: the list was ok and Vulcar was included in increased disposition

Second: someone edited main post and placed Vulcar to decreased disposition

Now: the post has been edited again and Vulcar was removed from there, but no changes have been made in the game to fix the disposition. OMG

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Just now, DeadlyBannana said:

So many QOL changes :D. I am loving this patch more than any new content released. Thanks DE. Finally its worth doing more raids.

Except there are now more game-breaking bugs in JV...

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Why this riven disposition system is made need of update or manual tuning of values? Can't it made completely dynamic based on how people use weapons in statistical manner?

And nice to know now that these mods get their stats changed afterwards you roll/rank up them. Certainly awsome to notice that 'little' balancing reduced 23% of damage output on weapon(ain't even counting affect of riven mods reduced +damage% stats yet). Weapon crafted around the mod is now not much better, if any better than previously built one. Since heavy forma is needed to install mods, the flexibility is mostly lost. Other copy of weapon with less forma will be most likely to perform averagely better due retained adaptability in damage types, leaving the one with riven mod niche one case weapon.

That's one catalyst and 7 formas, spent on vain. Thank you very much!

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have some bugs with both LoR and JV


- people still on arch-wing mode in golem nerves area

- can't get inside after the first archwing mode, you stuck forever outside until your group done the raid


-for some reason my loadout got changed into the previous loadout i ran with (first i ran jv with ember, then banshee for LoR. and on the second stage of LoR the game suddenly changed my loadout from my LoR loadout to my JV loadout. all warframe and equipments got changed as well) 

- i can't reconnect due to network error, but i don't have any internet issues (discord and stream still running)


pls make reconnect a thing, especially in raids. whether the group already done several stages or not, i know its not an easy thing to do

but it would be really helpful for us who got disconnected or getting bugs for some reasons while doing raids


thank you DE

much love, and merry x-mas

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So two of the glaive prime buffs have now been lined out. Does that mean we aren't going to be getting any WORTHWHILE buffs to it? The one/two listed are kind of... Lacking for a supposed 'buff'.


Also: getting a UI bug where everything is zoomed in (on Riven pages and on inventory pages with the very top row being cut in half).

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6 hours ago, Rubicon2.0-EGT- said:


   "  Disposition has been increased for the following weapons:  VULKAR "


A logical explanation, Please ?  ...................................:angry:

11 hours ago, Neightrix said:

So is the Vulkar riven disposition buff a result of its usage not increasing? If so, it might be because Vulkar Wraith hasn't been available for a long time. Maybe it could be added to invasions? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Sicaris Prime buff makes me very happy.

11 hours ago, Spacetimer said:

Vulkar disposition was decreased, not increased. My Vulkar riven originally had +300% damage and +90% grineer bane, now it has +270% damage and +80% grineer bane. Unintended change or error in the patch notes?  

Also, Glaive Prime's stats haven't changed in-game.

To recap my recent posts: 

There was a mistake in the notes where Vulkar Rivens were listed as having their Disposition increased, when in reality the Buzlok was meant to be listed in its place. The notes have been edited to reflect this. 

The stat changes to the Vulkar Rivens were definitely not intended. After some investigating we found what went wrong and will be adjusting stats back to their higher intended value before 19.4.2 went live. You can expect to see this change in 19.5! 

Thanks for reporting! 



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Is it only me that have huge FPS drops after this update?Before I had limited at 60 fps and ALWAYS had 60 FPS... now I have 40 FPS just standing still in my spacecraft and 20-25 fps while just looking at mods at the mod station!? I mean wth?

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2 issues i noted:


1.) Nullifier minions of Nekros soemtimes dont take on Nekros energy color leading to some confusion when tehy keep the original color.

2.) The floor on the Orbiter where the forge is located no longer takes on color, staying grey.

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17 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Removed Nitain from Sortie Reward table and added 3-day Boosters in its place.

While I'm glad you removed Nitain, this change is actually a penalty to anyone who's bought Prime access since boosters don't add to the 90 day boosters you get from the access.  Both this and daily log in rewards just get blanked because the affinity and credit boosters don't stack.

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17 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:
  • Removed Nitain from Sortie Reward table and added 3-day Boosters in its place.
  • Changed Exilus Adapter BP reward to a fully-crafted Exilus Adapter

The next time I see a thread of someone complaining that DE doesn't listen to the community I'm going to shove this in their face

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17 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:
  • Changed Sari Syandana and Spitfire Syandana to be closed by default, but will open when Bullet Jumping or Aim Gliding. Appendages will now close after 5 seconds, during weapon fire, or when opening the menu. 

How about a button to toggle between states? Like, Always Open, Always Closed and Dynamic? It would be even better in the future, with more syandanas using this feature.
And about the Spitfire Syandana, I think it would be amazing, if while in Dynamic mode, it opens more the faster you go.

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