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The War Within: Update 19.4.2 +


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Thanks for the pre-update. Should let us find some bugs. That said, here's my bug report:

  • Glaive Prime's stats were not buffed. And it needs those buffs.
  • Javlok's alternate kills don't count as rifle kills and eliminate any Stealth multiplier you might have accumulated.
  • During a Sortie, my targeting reticle (that little dot that tells you where you're shooting at) vanished. I think it was when I went down while casting an ability, but not sure. Going into Operator Mode fixed it.

That's it for now :D


Even MORE bugs! Hurray!

  • Nullifiers that don't have a bubble (due to them being unaware) still prevent you from killing them. They simply have an INVISIBLE bubble. Try firing a weapon with travel speed and you'll see it. Very obvious in Javlok.
  • Javlok needs some work on the throw mode; I've had it respawn in my hands again, stay stuck in an enemy as they are desecrated and then it despawns and respawns in the room's 'enemy spawn' point (where enemies spawn if you're quick enough and don't let them move at all, or where a Void Reactant will respawn when it falls into a pit that players can't get to).
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Just now, OneMalice said:

Hi, I'm aware a lot of people seem to be having this problem with the newest update, the game looks a lot worse for me. Like the AA is not working.

We're supposed to get an update today to further tune the AA according to Steve. We'll see how it goes.

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I'm just gonna post about 1 big gameplay subject.

Again, nerfing the riven mods isn't a solution to rebalancing weapons. Tons of clever suggestions have been made in the proper topics. Example of 2 big solutions :

1) the complicated one : change the damage system without touching the Status (it is good, useful, clever).

2) the easy but long one : add new mods, like 1 or 2 mods per weapon, exclusive to those weapons, to create new strategies for each weapon, thus giving interest back to those weapons. It's pretty much what currently exists with some weapons, you just have to make some new creative useful mods like that for each not-top-performing weapon. Because as long as the damage system is like that AND the mods raising damage are multiplicative, differences of damage between weapons are staying that big, leading to the current situation.


An example of how we know you can do it; look at the syndicate mods for warframe abilities. They're exactly in that spirit; 75% of them are clever, situational, interesting for some strategies.

Thanks for the real fixes though.

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thankyou for  finally making it possible to remove arcanes without messing about with distillers

and thankyou for lremoving nitain from sorties , but please for the love of god do something about those lenses, they are definatly more common than a riven mod

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19 hours ago, [DE]Danielle said:


  • Improved overall Arsenal display alignment with the search bar, item grid, and selected Loadout item. 

At high res this isn't an improvement it is a horrific implimentation of a poor interface. The scroll bars don't work properly i.e you scroll to the bottom but still can't see the last three weapons and the weapon icons are huge! Who tests this? I'd have thought anyone decent would have picked this up in testing before it was release to the masses.




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14 hours ago, MillbrookWest said:

Is your Steam client online? Yesterday was my first day on in a while, and i had issues with downloading the Snowball update (iirc also ~800MB), i had the same issue with this one today throwing up the same message you posted above. Signing into steam seemed to sort it out for me, though i don't know why.

Oddly, I let it run all night (5 1/2 hours), but it was on the same "update failed" screen when I woke up.
After work today, I decided to retry, and it says it's up to date.

Conclusion: It's fixed. I don't know why or how. I guess I'll just have to do the overnight update thing every time there's a 500MB+ update.

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