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New Quest: The Glast Gambit Feedback


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First mission was great. The Index missions were repetitive and really broke the flow. I would love to see more missions like the first one, and none like the rest. Especially the mission you are forced to lose. Forcing players into a lose state is just bad form. 

Bug(?): When I selected the choice at the end I went with the 'Black/Moon' option, but got the 'Neutral' symbol and email instead. A disappointment, to say the least.

Rewards was really disappointing as well. 

Voice acting was sub-par for the children's lines. But otherwise decent and what I've come to expect and enjoy. As a suggestion for future missions, it would have been interesting if we had some lines of dialogue in response from our tenno. 

Overall rating: 5/10; Opening was strong, but bugs and repetitive grind through the rest of the story drags it down.  





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It feels like the quest was about the Index. Not about the Perrin, not about the Mycona, and most definitely not about Nidus.

I enjoyed seeing common people react to warframes, but if felt very superficial because we never got to interact with any of the Mycona. It was like "Hello, the tenno are here! Let's kill some infested! All done, bye!". It ended up harming the quest instead of making it more interesting.

That's also one of the reasons why I found it so hard to care about the little girl. We can't possibly relate to a character that has just been introduced. If there was some sort of buildup then maybe it would make her situation feel a bit more personal. But the way it was presented to us just feel like "There's this girl. She needs your help. Go help her."

Allowing us to choose the little girl's fate and linking her situation to the operator's past was probably the smartest move in this quest. Because we can use our own experience with the operators as a path to understand what the girl is facing. So I hope we will eventually hear about her again in the future. That will probably give us a better opportunity to care about her and her people.

I'm not against putting emotional stuff on quests, but these emotions need enough room to develop. If you don't have the time to do that for a particular quest then just focus on making the action parts interesting.

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Story Logic issues:

I'm not very happy with the "story" of this quest. It started out okay and then nose dives hard.


The end choice of "Cure, let her chose, Send Back" is fundamentally broken in its logic.

We (Tenno/Lotus) already have an Infestation Cure we developed for Alad V, on PC (a.k.a main canon). Which we can use at any time (otherwise the Lotus wouldn't so freely offer it). We could cure Neewa (and any future Triuna) at any time, such as AFTER the Passing is done. Especially since their form of Infestation is considerably more mild. We could even give the Mycona the Cure process and help them develop the facilities at their Colony.

Extrapolate DE! This is just a forced choice for the sake of having an "Alignment" choice.

I picked Neutral and IMO my head Canon from now on is that Neewa gets the Cure after the Passing. BECAUSE LOGIC!

Alignment Mechanic issue:

Because this quest uses the Alignment mechanic introduced in TWW, this means this quest needs to be Locked behind TWWs completion.

This is going to be a problem for any future Quests that would fit better in the Star Chart prior to Senda in the player progression. You either need to look at moving the introduction of the Alignment system up OR being very careful about where you use it. And not just slapping it on.

--> Additionally there is no indication of how much a choice causes you to move on the Alignment tracker itself. Only if the choice is Sun/Neutral/Moon.

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The start of the quest is great. Then it turns into index grind all the time, with a short breather once. This was ridiculously attrocious and very boring. Please do not ever make a quest akin to this.

People might get a freaking trauma from the boredom that is the index otherwise.

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My experience with glast gambit:

Boring questline - easy index, easy infestation mission, index where you can't score very much, index where you cant win, spy mission, medium-level index mission for finale... 

Insane dojo requirements for building Hema. I've been playing warframe for YEARS AND YEARS and I only have 2,700 mutagen samples - and this requires 15,000. We are a small dojo, too, so I can only imagine how ridiculous it's getting for the larger clans. 

Farming nidus is ridiculously slow and annoying. Nothing fun about it whatsoever. Rotation C comes around and it's something worthless, and everyone gets depressed and leaves. Or, it's the same nidus part you got last time. Take your pick. 

And yet MORE obnoxious farming! You now need "Javlok Capacitors" from ceres prosecutors to build the javlok. 

Oh, and I got suspended from both region, trading, and recruiting (inhibiting my farming even more) for saying all this in region - without any swearing. 

Why are canadian admins always the most fascist and egocentric? The quickest to punish? To overpunish, even. I would understand them knee-jerking the decision to suspend me from region for my civilly-stated opinion (even if that is a ridiculous reaction), but trading and recruiting?

That's just childish.  They really hate their playerbase.

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An index grind? Really? I've done four matches so far and I'm SO...BORED! I'll keep going but I'm not having fun.

The first mission was super cool. Why couldn't there be more like that? Hive, Defense or Mobile Defense missions with little twists. A few rounds of Index thrown in maybe? Literally anything would be better than this.

Edit: Okay the last part was better. Better than "win three rounds twice to get started" which was very offputting and made me expect a long meaningless grind.

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Preface: I enjoyed the concepts involved, but my experience with this latest round of content was highly unsatisfactory.  I will attempt to explain what things I feel contributed to this unsatisfactory experience as a consumer below.

  • 5 sessions of 3-Round Index broke the pacing and immersion in the quest infinitely worse than "do 1 mission -> build a part/other condition -> do next mission" like previous quest warframes used
  • The unskippable dialogue before being able to start Index, if you're running it with other Tenno, is very frustrating when you have to listen to it again and again because of "Connection Lost" "Session Full" happening multiple times in a row, which is very common if you ever run with random public groups (if playing with other Tenno is an option we should not automatically have to play solo to avoid excessive frustration).
  • Mandatory defeat should not ever be a thing to advance a quest, it is a literal waste of our time just for the sake of it, and it is insulting to us as humans, that anyone thought it's acceptable for other human beings to throw away chunks of our lifespan without checking to see if anyone would be ok with that, first.
  • The lore is intriguing-- but It felt phoned in and half finished.  No mention of why you're getting the Nidus blueprint left me feeling confused lorewise.  Was Nidus the relic?  Was the blueprint for Nidus in the relic?  Was the relic instructions for how to create the blueprint for Nidus?
  • The Infested Salvage drop tables, minimum length of time to complete one round, and the fact that parts show up rotation c instead of being spread across the rotations diminish desire to even try.  Which ties in to my next point.
  • The sheer grind involved in getting the drops to construct Nidus makes this feel less like encouragement to play the game mode, but more of an ultimatum along the lines of "Spend Platinum or prepare to spend exorbitant (Odonata excavations for example weren't even remotely this tedious while still being "grindy") amounts of time playing a game mode that's unpolished".
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Disappointing I had my hopes up for a decent quest but I was wrong,

-The quest started great theeeeen the index came and was basically the main focus of the ENTIRE story. The index was horrible, it took too long per match and there was a point that you had a "Victory Margin" which was super frustrating and in the end of all that you still don't get all the frame's parts.

-The new game mode on Oestrus, while it was a decent idea to put a new game mode the way you had to complete a rotation was tedious, the antiserum drops were a uncommon drop in my opinion and you needed at least 2 to make the Vaporizer turn blue or something and in the end there's always at least 1 vaporizer destroyed and the whole thing falls apart (AND making the decryption slower)

The major downside when farming for nidus' parts is the fact that in order to obtain only one of it you HAVE to get to rotation C which took like 20 mins (maximum speed) and the worse thing is that it's not a guarantee chance (I got freaking stretch after wave 4) so you have to do more and more farming for his parts.

During the decryption even if you have all 3 vaporizers working it still is like 3 secs for 1 percent and the fact that antiserum as I mention was such a uncommon drop the vaporizer will stop working, slowing down the decryption process.

Oh and one more thing the antiserum fragment thingies are useless you need like 1000000 for a antiserum.

In conclusion you will need to think twice before starting this quest, I doubt anyone would enjoy it.

EDIT; Just got the chass- WTF 6000 POLYMER BUNDLES?



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I'm generally pretty supportive of DE, and I try not to be too negative when it comes to feedback, but I have to say honestly that I was really disappointed with The Glast Gambit. Now, when I say that, I don't mean entirely, but mostly. The first mission in the quest was neat, with the doors closing and protecting the technician while they were closing. And I don't even mind the first round of The Index. But that got old fast. Essentially, this questline was one interesting mission, followed by 3 rounds of Index, then a spy mission, and finally one more round of Index. I was really hoping for something more interesting. I didn't expect it to be another Second Dream or War Within, but what it is just isn't all that interesting, in my opinion, especially compared to other Warframe quests like Sands of Inaros or The Silver Grove, for example. I won't go into getting the remainder of the pieces for Nidus, but to say that I'm unsatisfied with that would be an understatement. I'm tempted to just buy Nidus, rather than grind for him, but I refuse to spend my plat on a frame that I should be able to get through similar means to every other frame.

Overall, The Glast Gambit is a disappointment for me, with little to no redeeming aspects to it, which is very rare.

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Where to start?

  • Each "round" of Index being 3 rounds is a mistake. It takes too long, especially with a certain mission I'll cover later.
  • The "hustle" round of the Index was especially bad, because it's penalizing players for being good at the game mode (which I assume is the intention since it's a very constant 9 rounds beforehand of the exact same stuff). I lost the first time because I was ahead by 11 points and while waiting for Nef's brain-dead crew to catch up they banked 11 and caught up, then I lost. Apparently a draw is a house win.
  • Neewa's constant messages (of the same static image of her in one non-animated position as it pans to another drawing) grew irritating, to the point that she sounded less like she was afraid for her safety and more like she was pleading with me to not abandon the quest due to being sick of it fairly quickly.
  • Nef's cheating costing you a full round was not a cleansing taste after having to bash your head against this time-consuming slog. I understand the intention, but the practice simply served as a middle finger to me after suffering through the Index until then.
  • Nef's involvement in general, to me, served mostly to dilute his character even further while we wait for someone on the team to remember the Sergeant boss fight has been in dire need of a rework for years so he can have an actual, proper boss fight some day. More of the same, "oh ho he's so greedy and silly" and he seems less and less like a credible threat to us.
  • The ending choice to this mission is honestly terrifying. The fact that ripping a person from their home, family and way of life because "we know better than them" is treated as a good outcome is troubling and conjures bad imagery of the past, and "more civilized" invaders simply waltzing in and destroying local culture because it's not what they believe. I'm honestly shocked this is the good outcome.
  • Lotus in general contradicts herself repeatedly, talking about the dangers of thrusting these powers onto children as she sends her pack of child assassins out to fight in a bloodsport. It doesn't feel well written in general.
  • The reward for all of this is a blueprint, unlike most other quest-related Warframes, and not the frame itself. Instead we have to go play the new game mode with dubious drop rates and mechanics at best. It screams of a cash grab to make people buy the new frame because the high level of grinding for him seems borderline intentional. Like you're being punished for not paying the toll to use Nidus.
  • Nidus takes 2000 Kuva to build. Enough said.

This is the worst quest of the year, and possible even longer. I recall enjoying myself during the Sands of Inaros and Silver Grove for Warframe rewards. War Within had a rocky launch but was overall a good story. This is a pale offering next to the rest.

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The hardest part of the Index is telling who is the enemy in a full blue map with ful blue enemies and blue allies, actually irritating after so much time of conclave being over there with red auras for enemies.

You actually want me to just cheese across this event with a simulor opening fire against nearby walls?.

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A long time ago on a Devstream, before the Relays, there was a discussion about missions where the Tenno would fight to save colonists. There was even a joke about a kid and a teddy bear. I feel we have finally received that mission (in the first part of the quest), and the story is full of feels. I really enjoyed these portions of the quest chain.

The Index missions, however, drag on too long. The twist occurs only after several runs, to the point where the player is sick of running the same mission over and over. There's also no real climax and I feel a surprise boss fight or some kind of last-minute opposition would have given a little more narrative impact.

Also, having the recipe at the end doesn't help you figure out how to build the components for it. There needs to be clearer information on how to unlock the rest of the components.

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So i sent neewa back to do her duties as an infested child and all she did was telling me how sad she was because of my fault and that she would end the tradition after she dies, i mean, was an irresponsible kid, if she doesnt want to do it why must she cut the whole family tradition instead of passing it to someone else who is willing to carry on with her tasks?


Ok, on a more serious mood, you arent being loyal to my decision, you are actually telling me that i should have done the other one because in the end the tradition will be lost anyway and whatever secrets to be discovered by "taming" the infestation will now be lost after all after she dies?, i feel like you had a moral prejudice about this thing instead of serious outcomes


Also who the hell the lotus thinks she is, judging other cultures when all we have been doing is slaughtering anyone who we dont agree with hehehhehe, she was all like "but shes just a child" so are we and yet do we have a choice to stop being murderers? :D

We are a mix of political and military power, and i dont like that, I want to go rogue.

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Im sorry DE I love your work but this RNG an grind has gone far enough, I can't summit my self to any more... Great first mission, voice acting and story was incredible until the grind Index... that is just torture... I also read that's not the worst of it... I can't support this type of gaming in the West... Im sure China Players would love this. Enough is enough... :facepalm:

I need along break and invest my time and cash on something else...Its not like, I can not buy it, but I really wanted to experience it, if I buy it I feel like Im missing out, killing part of the fun of getting stuff through questing...it has happen before with other Warframes I purchased. 

Im to burn out, need a vacation from Warframe. It feel like Im in the office in my computer...repeating the same commands and processes with errors added there on purpose... this docent feel fun anymore. I feel like I want to fire someone for not creating the right process to finish the work. And when a game makes me think about work like this is time to stop. :crylaugh:

Hope you have a long happy holiday...rest up and hope you have a great new year. Ill drop from time to time...slowing doing content from now on, If I miss it so be it, I come here to have fun not to feel like Im working. Take care. :highfive:

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duh my feedback contains Spoilers. if you're reading this Thread and didn't think you'd see Spoilers, you're daft.


first Mission was cool, as seeing the people in the System firsthand is something we've almost never done in this game previously.
the setup for each of the three doors could have been super sweet, like war segments out of the Metro games.... but it was kind've underwhelming. the Infested didn't really push hard enough to make it feel like you were trying to push the Infested out. they provided zero resistance to you destroying the tumors, and only mild resistance to stopping the NPC closing the doors.

i would have expected significant resistance to letting you destroy the tumors, and moderate for protecting the NPC.


the Index was a strange development, it seemed a pretty random jump to that as 'the best and only way'.
however i didn't mind playing it. like has often been said already today, it ran a bit long. the last two Index Missions were good, the first several were... uninteresting as there wasn't much going on in terms of Story.

i.e. in hindsight, the early Index Missions in the Quest feel like a bunch of padding, but the later ones feel good.
so IMO the Quest would have been better if it was: First Mission -> win by margin Index -> cheating Index -> Spy Mission -> final Index.
not suggesing losing any of the useful Story dialogue though(infact more of a story wouldn't hurt here - first Mission having more involvement with the 'Colony' introduced), just fitting it into a sequence like that where the Story exposition would have been at a more consistent interest level, rather than having some big drops on both the Story and Gameplay side.

btw the win by a margin Mission - i failed once or twice due to overestimating the scoring capability of the AI, and forgetting to pay attention to that - but also a few times because an Enemy scored some points in like the last 500ms of the Timer, causing a tie/slight loss in points at that last second. bleh, not exactly the fault of anyone, but still bleh.
the times i f...ed up, sobeit, my fault. if i screw up i accept that i did. when i don't screw up though.

in addition in the cheating Mission - Lotus says she's going to investigate the cheating, but says it in a way that i expect something to happen before the match ends. time gets pretty low so i start trying to get points in, but obviously you can't in that Mission.
it says Mission Failed, but - you're supposed to lose? the telegraphing was just rather meh there, as you feel like you're either missing something, the game is broken, or Et Cetera even though everything is working correctly and you're doing what you're supposed to do. it makes sense once you're back in your Ship, but until then the Player feels crappy because they weren't doing anything wrong but they think they failed.


the Spy Mission was perhaps a bit run of the mill feeling, would have perhaps expected new/unique Vaults - but this is more neutral than a gripe.

Nidus was... not even really mentioned in this Quest. i expected the Nidus Blueprint at the end because duh this is the Quest for Nidus.... but this Quest has literally nothing to do with Nidus.
and ergo, surprised that we didn't have any research involved with figuring anything out. no like, surprised reaction from Lotus and wanting to do some.... things to investigate and research what it is, where it came from, how that 'Colony' acquired it, the history of it, Et Cetera.

i like the big picture result though, in how the story it was telling played out.

- - - - - 

i'm surprised Infested Salvage wasn't involved, at all. 

13 hours ago, 321agemo said:

Just finish the Quest. Might be a bug, might not be ending spoiler in spoiler:

  Reveal hidden contents

On the 3 options, i chose "Let her decide", which was the neutral choice. but after clicking it, the bar went all the way to the black.


i saw this as well, though looking at my Profile, it doesn't... seem to have actually considered it to be a choice i hadn't made?
could just be a visual thing on the selection screen, but idk.

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I didn't mind the index so much, buuuut I did have a mirage/simulor combo equipped, so maybe that doesn't mean too much as it all just kinda flew past. The infested salvage though? It's absolutely horrid! The antiserum drops are way to inconsistent; minutes go by without a single drop, despite the room being full of dying enemies. I appreciate that you folks need the RNG to sell the frame, however, releasing a gamemode that is fundamentally broken does not fall under that section. You can have it in rotation C if you must, but the gamemode needs to at least be playable.

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