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New Quest: The Glast Gambit Feedback

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Basically if we turn 90 Platinum 170k only credits and 160k(85 platinum) need to waste start on match 4.

So, I'll lose 85 platinum per round but only win 20k credits(9 platinum) per round

75 Platinum = $4.99 ∴ 85 Platinum = $5.66

$5.66 Loss per match

Start on Match 4, I failed 4 times because of the margin fml

Using an hour to farm credits (With credits booster) and go in lose 4 times burning my kidneys.

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I finally got around to this quest since I wanted all the bugs to be worked out before starting it. Now that I'm in it, I'm glad I waited.

Firstly, I think the setup to the quest is fantastic showing the civilian population dealing with the constant Infested threat. The first mission where you help protect the colony against waves of Infested while the people are trying to repair their defenses displayed a very good sense of urgency and connection to the mission objective, not just another boring defense/mobile defense.

Then, the Index section. Not altogether a bad game mode and I do enjoy playing it from time to time to bank some credits, but this Quest makes the Index waaay more frustrating and generally not fun to play. After the great starting mission, you have to play 4 rounds of the Index in a row, each with 3, three-minute rounds. Not so bad on its own, but I usually run quests solo since I can't trust PUGs, so my Index AI teammates are practically useless the entire time. Whatever, I can win the whole thing by myself.

On the third round, Nef cheated which caused me to lose immediately since I usually hold onto most of my points until the end (kinda standard Index strategy to get bonus points). This is where the Glast Gambit lost all my interest, and everything that has been said on this thread became crystal clear. DE remove this from the quest ASAP; it's cheap, adds no realism to the match, and since there is no warning of the pre-programmed Nef cheating, I was out 100K+ credits through very little fault of my own.

Finally I wise up to Nef's cheats and deposit the points more frequently, and get past the third Index slog. Then the fourth round of Index comes along. I'm now supposed to win, but not by much, because Nef's getting wise apparently to my awesome Index skills after 9 rounds. I tried twice (won by +11, then a tie) and lost in the first round both times. This is where the Glast Gambit ends for me, as I don't feel like risking hundreds of thousands of more credits on this mission that is almost out of my hands since it seems to come down to managing the stupid AI teammates (who didn't get the 10-point margin memo).

Constructive feedback (up to this point): great start to the quest, Index is fun, but DE please, you must absolutely remove Nef cheating and whining about a point margin in the third and fourth Index missions. It's incredibly frustrating, and absolutely kills the fun of the Index and the flow of the quest. If anything, you need to make it more challenging in the third and fourth rounds by raising the levels, not by adding cheapness. For new players, I can see how these missions would be a turn-off to the entire Index game afterwards too; don't let this quest drag down the game mode.



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I am sorry for this will being my first post (which is funny since i have been here from the very begining of the game).
I am a returning player, trying to complete the older quests i've missed out, and I had a very good experience until this one.
Glast Gambit had a good start, and I was pleased by the first two parts of the quest, and since index was already familiar to me, it wasn't a problem to do and win the first two game. And then, the third phase came, and I've lost almost 1 million credits while I'm trying to solo it. I've read the recomendations on this forum, and tried them without succes. Ofc, fellow forumers, you can call me noob, and you can say "go play another game" and i can accept it. But loosing that much ammount of in game currency, which I've gathered by spending precious playtime... I'm really upset about this, and yeah, I don't want to continue the quest anymore, but the whole thing gave a salty feeling to my gaming experience, and i wanted you to know this. I'm not sure how other players think about this quest, but i wouldn't be supprised if the majority of them would've the same experience.
I know you're working on your next title, and on new events, frames, and quests, but I advise you to take a look at this one again.

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This quest is complete total and utter crap. I finished it a while ago but it still leaves a bad taste.

It's like they ran out of ideas. The opening mission was neat and the index was fun for a couple of games but then they make you play it over and over (was it six times?) and then throw in that winning condition to try and spice things up but ultimately it just ends up being frustrating. The 100,000+ entry fee isn't cheap if you're a new player doing this quest and even if you win you only get chump change in return. The fact that a draw counts as a win for the enemy team is also complete bull.

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Hi! Came back to the game after more than a year off, and I'm really enjoying it.
However, this quest... the Index is total butts. I'm hating it. The 10 point margin stage took away all my pleasure of retrying this quest.
Other than that, it was very good.

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Just did the quest, it's aweful. Mechanically and narratively horrible. The way the index works is unintuitive and convoluted. Spawns are poorly thought out with teams spawning literally on their enemies capture objective? Pathetic, it's basically a spawncamp. The "rules" that get added are horrible as well.

By the way, why can we win twice and tie in the third round ( 10 minutes of my life gone ) and the entire mission is a failure? How is 2/1 a losing score, let alone 2(w)/0(l)/1(t). That makes absolutely zero sense.

What the hell did this have to do with nidus? Is he the old war relic. This pathetic padded quest ends off with nothing relating to anything you initially set out for. You aren't even told where to get nidus parts! I had to wiki it, terrible terrible terrible.

This quest is bad ok we get it.

But Nidus? I tried farming it. It's a slog, an aweful horribly designed JV room recycle called a gamemode and there is layered RNG on RNG added to the mix. Why the hell aren't the parts guaranteed from this utter trash camp around and wait game mode worse than interception.. Nothing like getting a god damn vital sense mod after 7 minutes of that heaping steaming pile of crap.

This all should of been thrown out, how it's still in the game after like a year or something is beyond me.


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