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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

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Same emotions as Kela de Thaym rework - syndicate start, some boring arenas with no reward, and easy final. Last time Kela was made the most hatable boss mission (after Vay Hek i think) for it's time waste and being unnecessarily complicated (i understand your position about oneshoting bosses, but why force players to run 80% time and then still oneshot bosses or kill them while running in circles? it's not interesting or complicated, it's way more boring and nervous).

Same thing here i see - useless dumb boring arenas, money wasting in missions (no more than 10 points of advance, really? it's idiotic, even being around role-players), and then brocken untested boring infesed grind (why new mission type must be allways bugged? why everything is allways bugged in warframe?) for a little chance of new warframe. Seriously? Atlas, Mesa, Saryn, Equinox and others needed a new friend? Even a prime one is really easier to find.

Or will we have 14% chance of relics on rotation C only soon? I will not be surprised. Oh, and even when we grind it's parts, we will need 5k nitain and 30k kuva for crafting... one part. And then it will bug and dissappear. That's how i see Warframe in next year. Thanks for New Year mood, DE.

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