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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

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Thanks for the fixes!!! I like the extra mod polarity, that was a cherry on top! However, I find myself and my ENTIRE CLAN unable to enter our dojo. Started happening since the Glast Gambit came in. Says the servers don't match? Is that something the Clan Leader has to fix or is that a problem that DE has to fix?

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9 minutes ago, Kaotyke said:

But... considering the drop rate, they were in the right place.

yeah, no way they are "common". I have less riven rewards than several of the uncommon rewards, and have more rare rewards from the sortie than rivens since release.

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20 minutes ago, MaidGalaxy said:

In my opinion, the infested salvage game mode needs adjustments, at its fastest, a group is still looking at a 15-20 minute time window to reach rota C, this would have been ok if there wasn't a frame locked behind those 15-20 minutes for a chance to get a frame part.

Either the game mode's duration per round needs to be speed up or Nidus parts need to show up outside of rota C only. It is ok in JV that it takes so long to complete, but in JV you only need to do this process once and not 4 times for a chance for a frame part of a frame that unlocks content infested door on op of that.

Also, rotation C and only 80 Endo? I thought we had this discussion already...


Since in retrospective I feel like I was a little ranty, here are some good words: Thanks for the Hirudo adjustments, i expected the stance polarity to be fixed, but also another polarity on top of that is kinda sweet.


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Please reconsider the cost of 5000 Mutagen Samples for the new Infested weapon research.  This is at Ghost Clan level !  I can't even imagine how insane of a cost it must be at higher clan tiers.  I believe you added a 0 too many.

Also, for some reason, when collecting extractors all at the same time, I keep getting a prompt to sell them.  Please fix that.

Ivara's Prowl augment "Infiltrate" still has her continuously cycle her steal mechanic on targets, sometimes cycling 5 to 6 times before it kicks in.  Please take a look at that.

Vay Hek doesn't drop any loot at all, including pigments, when the color is set in the dojo.  He also seems to die at 80% health on the last phase of the fight if shot by a shotgun for some odd reason.  He does drop loot when the dojo color is no longer set.  My brother and I have tried many times to finish the color but to no avail.


Thanks and keep up the great work, and Happy Holidays DE.

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22 minutes ago, FreezerFlare said:

Increase drop rates for Antiserum on the new mission

and Increase drop rates for Mutagen Samples overall pls.

Add neurodes to the list. Maybe since Mercury now has a permanent infestation going on add mutagen samples and neurodes there as a drop? And increase the overall drop rate on Eris, I know that the Derelict gives more, but even just a tiny boost to Eris would be greatly appreciated, plus you have to craft those keys for the Orokin Derelicts.

And change the research & crafting requirements for HEMA to something more reasonable.

The stance fix and polarity addition is a nice thing though, thanks for that!

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Okay Dev's, can you  look into the "Neptune bug" issue with extractors not deploying since after the "Update 19.4.2", Before the latest Update I had been deploying Resource Extractors on Neptune for the longest.
I've lost that function to deploy now since the patch update
Update 19.4.2...whats up with that, please DE can you look into this bug/issue? Several other users all having the identical problem.



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