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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1 + 19.5.2

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    --The update broke the Overlay Map toggle working while the HUD is turned off. No-HUD players rely on Overlay Maps to find targets and downed teamates, they rely on the toggle. Most games allow the Overlay Map toggle to function seperate from the HUD for this reason.

Please fix the Overlay Map toggle to function as it did before this update, and work seperate from the HUD.

Also: You now have to turn your HUD on in Options to Revive, before you could just hit X on a controller or fire the mouse.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


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Infested Salvage is suffering from reduced enemy intensity and reduced Antiserum drops. We've just had this occur a few times now, prior to the hotfix they were coming hard and we could keep them at 100%.


Edit: Also, I'd like an answer as to why we're getting common star-chart mods as drops from this game mode. Seriously, I understand you don't want us to get stuff easily, but this is just a slap in the face to any player farming there for Nidus parts.

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I can't seem to proceed on the Quest.
Whenever I tried to continue by clicking the active quest, It does nothing.
It wont direct me to anything.
I tried to clear my active quest and re activate Glast Gambit, click on the Quest, still no response.
Help Please I'm stuck.

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4 minutes ago, Benihime09 said:

I can't seem to proceed on the Quest.
Whenever I tried to continue by clicking the active quest, It does nothing.
It wont direct me to anything.
I tried to clear my active quest and re activate Glast Gambit, click on the Quest, still no response.
Help Please I'm stuck.

Got the same problem :c

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Dear DE, for the mission, "Oestrus" after the recent hotfix, the mission has become harder to the point where it is unplayable. Durring the mission you need the injectors from the enemies to keep the points alive in order for Lotus to hack the information. Durring the mission though, it's now becoming impossible for the enemies to drop the injectors, or if they do it is far and in-between. That be said, most of the time you will only be able to have 2 ofthe nodes at the end of wave one and by wave 2 you might still have one. One top of that we also had a nekros prime with my group all time al well. 

I don't know what is going on, but could you see if you could realsese another hotfix to fix the mission. That would make me happy because i really want the new frame. 

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Its broken. BROKEN. I'm on "The Glast Gambit" -


The stage where you're supposed to lose.

 I click on it, nothing happens. A friend invited me and another friend who was also having the trouble to their game, it kicked both of us and we lost our credits. We managed to get in after another attempt, "completed" it, my friend who was also having the same problem got progress, I did not, and more of my credits gone.

What I see when I try to click the quest:


Yes this was after the "Hotfix". Who knew doing the same thing over and over could go so wrong? Not to mention the spectres are beyond annoying if you go in alone/have even one of them.

Is there a way to get these credits refunded? Since Baro sucked the life out of my supply a few weeks back, its sorta hurting a bit more right now.

What's worse, from the posts here, even if I can get through this stage it looks like I have more bugs and grind to look forward to, so now I'm just dreading even doing it at all. The only thing that's been enjoyable has been the dialogue and the little kid drawings were sorta neat, nothing more.

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Me: I don't mean to sound upset
But the new quest is a piece of sh1t

DE: Tell me how it makes you feel
When you say it sucks balls is it real? (Borgore-Best)

But seriously, I was expecting something better after all that hype...shame

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Please increase the drop chance of the antiserum injectors please. I have done a few of the infested salvage and spent all the time either on low proformance or stalled, I even failed one mission because there were literally none dropping. Also there were very few enemies spawing as well. I would suggest to make this mission have the same drop chances and enemy spawns as the same part in the JV raid if you haven't done so.

It is also pretty unclear on how to get the parts for the new frame.

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1 hour ago, MaidGalaxy said:

In my opinion, the infested salvage game mode needs adjustments, at its fastest, a group is still looking at a 15-20 minute time window to reach rota C, this would have been ok if there wasn't a frame locked behind those 15-20 minutes for a chance to get a frame part.

Thats an understatement.


The Armor thing is buggy. Some players dont degenerate armor, others cant replanish it.


The Frame Part in rotation C is a bad joke. If we would always get one it would be OK, but we only have a chance to get one. Rotation C is full of pointless mods.


The enemy spawnrate is a bad joke. All enemies move towards one point and at Round 8 we had issues getting enought of these cells to keep the points going as the spawnrate of enemies is simply laughable low.


After all, why the hell do these mission types feature these incredible low enemy spawn rates where you get issues keeping you going as you run out of enemies?

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1 hour ago, Lyravain said:

Just got an Oberon part instead of a Nidus... DE, it's annoying enough, don't make it worse, please!

You probably killed an Eximus and it dropped one Oberon part; you're not assured to get a Nidus part blueprint at rotation C.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Drew said:

Full information on The Glast Gambit: Update 19.5 can be found here:

The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.1
A frustrating Index bug was causing the UI and enemy drops to disappear (making the match unwinnable). This issue should be resolved now. Anyo does like to cheat, but that was a bit too much - sorry! 


  • The Index sessions will now lock after 1 minute, preventing new players from joining
  • Neewa’s third picture changed to match the others


  • Added Polish translations to the launcher


  • Fixed Conclave script error with pickups
  • Fixed Nidus’ Symbiotic Link being able to stun bosses
  • Fixed colony door messages not showing for clients in The Glast Gambit
  • Fixes indestructible tumors for clients in The Glast Gambit
  • Fixed typo in ‘Vaporizer’ 
  • Fixed disappearing Nidus Larva
  • Fixed bug that was causing missing UI elements in Infested Salvage
  • Fixed Rivens showing as uncommon instead of common Sortie Rewards
  • Fixed stance polarity for Hirudo and added an extra Madurai polarization
  • Partial fix for a prog stopper in the Index
  • Fixed script error when clients try to cast Ravenous after their previous cast was nullified
  • Fixed several other script errors
  • Fixed a progression bug when aborting in The Glast Gambit
  • Fixed improper enemy scaling in the colony portion of The Glast Gambit
  • Fixed various Loc
  • Fixed a bug with inbox icons that was caused by large inbox histories
  • Fixed undiscovered Kavats showing in the codex
  • Fixed script error with Iron Skin
  • Fixed script error with Metamorphosis
  • Fixed missing zone attributes in Shipyard
  • Fixed distilling extractors displaying over 100% health
  • Fixed Nidus alt helmet being incorrectly included with Nidus purchase
  • Fixed Operator power script error
  • Fixed Nidus Larva not appearing for clients and slime FX on enemy not being removed
  • Fixed script crash in Relay/Landing Craft

Im still missing the mumblers picture

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I gotta say guys, I'm not a fan of this quest. PvP in Warframe is something I really don't care about. At all. I totally understand that some people enjoy it and so it's good to see new maps and modes for PvP get released, as even though it's content I won't personally enjoy, the people who do care for PvP will enjoy it.

That said, I'm getting weary of the PvP style additions to the PvE side of Warframe. Rathuum was okay for a few rounds but I quickly got bored of it. Having to play it repeatedly to access Kela De Thaym's boss fight rapidly killed any tolerance I had for it, though. Because of that, I had way less tolerance for The Index out the gate, but felt it improved somewhat over Rathuum. I'm definitely bored of it already, though. Running around looking for enemies in an arena isn't what I play Warframe for. The PvP-esque missions are (to me, at least) dull and I don't care for them at all.

On a positive note, the story is great and I was looking forward to the dialogue between Glast and Anyo during/after each mission. I genuinely love the voice acting and writing in Warframe, as infrequent as it is. Great job as per usual, kudos to all involved there.

As for the Hema research requirements, I can only assume that's a gross error. If not, then please hook me up with the dealer of whoever made that decision, as I'd pay a premium for whatever was being smoked when it was decided 5000 mutagen samples for the Ghost Clan tier research was a good idea.

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1 hour ago, Insizer said:

Can we also fix the issues with the Riven system now? Like the -100% or more damage and crit chance for weapons that can't crit, you know, basic issues?

I agree, but more than that needs to happen. I think that the system should allow you to lock in a stat with kuva and the percentages should scale off of mastery rank. So there are no more rivens for S#&$ weapons locked at MR13 where I can't use them while there are really good weapon rivens locked at MR8. Really what the hell is that. On top of that, DE would be making it even more clear that mastery rank matters. Also, with locking in a stat, someone could build themself the mod that they want and not have to rely on the bullS#&$ rng. If those two things were implemented I would be very happy.

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