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Grineer Galleon Explorafun: Feedback, Suggestion, Glitch Report

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Because quantity has a quality all of its own.


Making my personal thread to share truckloads of glitch reports and feedback to the devs (mainly reports), where others can participate if they will. 


General comments: I like the Grineer's ship, I also like how it references the old galleons that are real boats, it sets a trend for the Grineer's obsession with past references (bombards, ballistas, lancers) among other things, such as compulsive and un-restrained growth:  their ship is a mess, whoever built it didn't think it through, there are pipes everywhere even in the middle of the hallways, some rooms are cramped by all the stuff they stuck inside it, but others are stupidly vast (waste of room). 


One thing I like about the Galleon compared to the Asteroid base is how navigating it is more straightforward than some infamous tiles on the asteroid. I also really like bursting through the command area, a privilege we didn't really get in the Corpus Cargo, unless we count that room where we capture a sucker. 


Another thing I like about the Grineer: they don't store their artifacts in a specialized room, contrarily to the Corpus who has a room custom built for it. Indeed, the Grineers value the artifact, but it is only another object among the thousands they are carrying on their ship, so it get stored in a warehouse without any . It's detail like that can tell you more information about whoever owns a map. 


Anyway, let's get the reports out of the way:



#1 TBC: Purple light.


1373066354-light-glitch-a-nice-day-to-be            Why is this room so purple? Is that intended? I'd consider removing it, it felt just out of place, especially with the door that isn't colored by the light.



#2 TBF: Weird shadows.


1373066348-light-glitch-darkness-comes-g            Pictures speaks for itself. My frame, my sentinel and the container was affected, but not the terrain. Odd.



#3 TBF: More weird shadow.


1373066352-light-glitch-darkness-comes-1            Same deal as above. My frame isn't affected as much as the container, but it is still awfully dark for the ambient light.



#4 TBF: More weird shadow, and some weird purple light.


1373066352-light-glitch-darkness-comes-2            Weird shadows again, but not of the same kind. Located in the extraction tile. It also just occured to me that there is a patch of wall that is more purple than the rest to the right of my Rhino, what's up with that too?



#5 TBF: Players spawning in door.


1373066350-player-spawn-door-spawn-grine            The red square highlights where I spawned (inside the wall/door), while the green circle mark where the host spawned normally (by dropping through the ceiling). I could walk out of the wall, but definitely needs fixing.



#6 ...!: Space prop.


1373066353-props-design-exterior-object-            I have no clue what this machine outside is, but it doesn't look like it's part of the fuselage. Are you designers experiencing with space props? That's pretty cool if that's what's going on.



#7 ...!: The container that stared at stars.


1373066359-props-design-idle-container-g            I have no clue if that container is supposed to face the window, but it made me chuckle a bit, because it represented all the repressed hope that the containers hold to be able to one day travel FREELY across the stars, and realize all their broken dreams. This picture is the very proof that Tennos are in fact the monster, for maiming and killing containers on site.


They just have hopes and dreams, aspirations just like any individual, they want to grow psychically and physically-


I could also just be reading too much into it and you guys need to flip a container. At any rate, it's there.



#8 TBF: Locker jail.


1373066360-props-design-locker-jail-grin            I somehow trapped myself between those two lockers. I got out eventually, but I feared for my life.


On the bright side, I got time to ponder the meaning of the existence of that little container who aspired to something greater.



#9 TBC: Mine is bigger, but quieter.


1373066361-props-design-mine-is-bigger-g            I only recently noticed those huge cannon on the Galleon.They look great, but they make no sound and no recoil is felt when they fire. I'm pretty sure my silent weapons (bow, kunai) are louder than those.


On the flip side, I fear those cannons are blasting the stars to bits, and stars is everything that the little container ever owned. It must be a terrible show for that poor container. It makes me think that the grineers are the real monsters here.



#10 TBF: Ascended container.


1373066372-props-glitch-ascended-contain            That's a new one, I never get to report containers that are ABOVE the ground. This one needs to be brought back on earth.


He can gaze in the stars with his friend if he really want to get away, that's the best they will get in their awful and short life.



#11 TBF: Clipping container.


1373066366-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Uh, I took an awful shot for that one. The highlighted container is clipping with the wall behind it, located in the extraction tile.


Really, it must be scared and searching for a refuge. If he's lucky, the stars will take him very far away from this tragic life.



#12 TBF: Sunken container.


1373066371-props-glitch-sunken-container            Another awful shot from my part, apology. I enlarged the map to help you figure out where it is. I can tell that it was a big room at the very least.


I am also pretty sure this container is shy or scared, either one, they are complex beings, very hard to read through their poker face.



#13 TBF/C: Secret room estate and props clip.


1373066378-terrain-design-secret-room-es            Should've taken a perspective shot, this one isn't as obvious as I thought. At any rate, it's possible to wallrun up there rather smoothly, but there's nothing up there except that cable that clips into a big pipe.


You could also consider hiding a container or two there, to save them from their awful and short lives. Or at the very least, extends their lifespan the couple of seconds a Tenno will need to reach them in their most secure refuge, traumatizing forever the surviving containers.



#14 TBF: Floating ninja.


1373066375-terrain-glitch-floating-ninja            Highlighted is an area where it's possible to walk above a hole. Needs fixing.


Not highlighted: the tragic end of the containers in the background. The most tragic stories are the ones un-told.



Post segmented for image limit.

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#15 TBF: Messed up wall run.


1373066380-terrain-glitch-messed-up-wall            On this specific shot, I can't single out a clear problem, all three highlighted areas gave me trouble with un-reliable reaction to the wallrun mechanic. Either I clipped into a pipe, or I wallrunned straight into the ceiling, or the pipes behaving like it had a floor midway, or aborted ledge climb. Please go over those areas and insure that everything is smooth, I don't know how you handle the tile-modifying magic, but something needs to be done here. If you need more details, say so and I will look into making a more detailed report.



#16 TBF: Sunken ninja.


1373066382-terrain-glitch-sinking-floor-            Picture speaks for itself. Notice the enlarged mini-map to help with your localization.




That's it for today folks, now if you don't mind I got drones to snipe down with my beautiful snipetron. 


This week end, an outpouring of Void run fun reports is announced with 70% certainty, bring an umbrella. 

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I love the rooms with the massive cannons that fire into space, but they need to add sounds/ louder sounds to the firing of them. A loud bassy boom each time it fires would be awesome and even adding a loading mechanism to the back of the gun where we can see massive shells being loaded into it would be really cool.

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Totally agree, the canons needs more heft. As for the shelling, I don't think there's room for a back-loading shell to unload, or even side shells without throwing them on the ground. Nice idea tho. 

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Wait. Since when was the image limit raised to 14? This is good news, very good news... maybe the Anthill isn't dead after all. Excitement! Good work on your findings, and particularly for pointing out this useful change.

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Uh, didn't even notice someone else reported stuff by truckloads. Guess I'm not the only OCD maniac after all. 


Anyway, you're welcome I guess. And AFAIK, the limit could be 15, I didn't test extensively to see what it was, only removed the 2 latest report for the next post. 

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These may have already been fixed, as these have been sitting in my folder for a few updates (bad, me).


#16 TBF  Tenno eating wall


Section outlined in red has no collision box.


#17 TBF Clipping container


Can't be seen due to the lighting (or lack of), but the container here is clipping into the wall.


That's all I have for now.

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There's no minimum, thanks for adding those (and on the other threads too). 


Fortunately, there is no maximum either:



#18 TBF: Floating blood splash (two different instance)


1375927051-props-glitch-blood-splurt-gri1375927056-props-glitch-blood-splurt-1-g           Speaks for itself. No clue on how to replicate exactly, but my guess would be "kill a Grineer from where my frame is standing".



#19 TBF: Clipping containers (two in the same room)


1375927054-props-glitch-clipping-contain1375927058-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Speaks for itself.



#20 TBF: Sunken barrel.


1375927056-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Speaks for itself.



#21 TBF: Clipping containers.


1375927053-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Speaks for itself. Not sure quite in which room it is honestly, hope you guys can tell better than I...



#22 TBF: Permamoss (permanent instances of infested moss in a tile) and weird texture. 


1375927064-props-glitch-infested-mush-cl1375927088-terrain-glitch-infested-mush-            Red squares highlights infestation that is there regardless of faction, and the first one feature a patch that is clipping with the floor by part. In addition to that, the orange square highlights a texture problem (that I only noticed while editing quite honestly).



#23 TBC: Secret room potential.


1375927064-secret-estate-grineer-galleon              I think that place could lead to a secret room honestly, it's subtle enough. I am aware of the other loot room in that tile, but I wouldn't mind MORE loot.




#24 TBF: Spawn camera clip with wall.


1375927064-terrain-design-camera-clip-gr            Spawning in this tile makes the player's camera pan behind the wall.



#25 TBF: Mob trap.


1375927074-terrain-design-mob-trap-grine            Speaks for itself. Fix or keep it that way for hilarity. FYI, Grineers can also get trapped there.



#26 TBC: Slide hole.


1375927066-terrain-design-slide-hole-gri              I was really disappointed when I couldn't slide under that opening, it's just begging for it. Consider making the space higher or removing the invisible wall if there's one.



#27 TBF: Clipping container.


1375927078-terrain-glitch-clipping-conta            The highlighted container can be clipped through by players.




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#28 TBF: Trespassing bug.


1375927074-terrain-glitch-clipping-floor            Couldn't replicate it more than twice, but if you slide-attack into the general direction of the highlighted square, you can pass through the floor. I also had one instance where I clipped through the wall, but replicating that wasn't easy either. I suggest that you pass over it with whatever magic-goggles you have and pass to another one if you can't find the problem, I know I had to try several time to get the glitch right.



#29 TBF: Clipping ceiling.


1375927077-terrain-glitch-clipping-wall-            It's possible to clip through that highlighted area of the ceiling. Preferably walk on the side of the wall, there's a bump on the wall that allows you to walk into the ceiling.



#30 TBF: Fading wall.


1375927075-terrain-glitch-fading-wall-gr            First instance of that glitch I ever had, don't know how to replicate exactly. Perspective shot: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/32/1375927083-terrain-glitch-fading-wall-perspective-grineer-galleon.jpg


#31 TBF: Invisible ledge.


1375927085-terrain-glitch-ledge-grab-gri            There's one or two instance of invisible ledge in that highlighted area where you'll grab on nothing and just fall down after "climbing".



#32 TBF: Player trap.


1375927087-terrain-glitch-player-trap-gr            Mag said he trapped himself by trying to wall run up (starting position in the red circle) but actually ran side way right through the wall (red square).



#33 TBF: Wallrun hindrance.


1375927088-terrain-glitch-wallrun-hindra            Wallrunning up that wall is tenuous because I got stopped midway by invisible models or something. Memory's hazzy for that one, move on if you can't find a problem easily.



Done with another batch, I got a few others to add still, will do when I have the time... 

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some of the colour issues, such as the purple room, may be caused by colour correction, which was meant to fix colour bleeding on older monitors. it shouldn't be on if you have a fairly new moniter, as it tends to turn things a washed out blueish colour. also, i love your descriptions c=

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Yeah I actually noticed that recently, I don't even know why I had it on at all. I guess it's still a problem for the people with color correction since that room is much more purple than the rest.

And thanks!

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#34 TBF: Pit of Failure




This view is the same as the entire pit I found myself stuck in; An area too small to wall run through, and no way to get back up. The type of room may be recognizable by the shape on the map, but regardless, the only way out was to abort the mission.

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#34 TBF: Pit of Failure




This view is the same as the entire pit I found myself stuck in; An area too small to wall run through, and no way to get back up. The type of room may be recognizable by the shape on the map, but regardless, the only way out was to abort the mission.


Ah yeah I found that one too. I dusted off a pic from outside the pic to help the devs: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/37/1378923267-pit-of-failure-grineer-galleon.jpg


hi there :)


just to show to dev' ...a lil' missplaced thing -> 1378915769-warframe0039-taille-d-origine


Oi, I think one tile isn't behaving and is merging with the one where you stand. Do you happen to have the level's imprint? You can find those in the EE.log (location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Warframe). (Don't post your EE.log in public). The designers need that info to find which tile is problematic. 

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Noticed this a few times while poking holes in Ruk.

#35 TBF: Missplaced container/explosive barrel spawn in boss room


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#36 TBF: Another container being contained in uncle Ruk's room



Yeah it's that thing I'm pointing at

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#37 TBF: Can't go through invisible wall at doorway (Survival)



     Joined a game that had already begun and reached 5min, meaning door to extraction opens at that time. It could have a relation to this glitch, as in maybe it registered as "closed" to me because of the timing I joined in.



#38 TBF: Clipping container with locker





#39 TBF: Sunken container



       Happens since the time of Fomorian Sabotage event; same container and location)



#40 TBF: Container facing wrong side



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Ever since... I forget which patch it was, exactly. Sometime after 10.0.0, the Grineer Galleon textures were updated. Now my framerate is in the single digits on the Grineer Galleon. It's really frustrating, because just before the update came, the option to turn on multi-threaded processing was finally, finally added and my previous framerate issues were completely solved -- I went from single digits in the Grineer Galleon to above 60 fps. Now I'm back down in the single digits again, even after checking to make sure multi-threaded processing is still enabled.

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Couple of stuff I found, some may be dated but as far as I know they're still present:


#41 TBF: Weird light.


1382989278-light-glitch-weird-shadows-gr            Speaks for itself.

#42 TBF: Clipping containers.

1382989279-props-glitch-clipping-contain            Speaks for itself.

#43 TBF: More clipping containers.

1382989285-props-glitch-clipping-contain            The two containers shown here are clipping with each other. Defense tile, if it wasn't clear.

#44 TBF: Floating splurt of blood. (Two instances)

1382989280-props-glitch-floating-splurt-            1382989288-props-glitch-floating-splurt-            Speaks for itself.

#45 TBF: Enemy spawning out of reach in spawn.

1382989287-spawn-glitch-out-of-reach-spa            Not sure how it happened exactly, but a MOAs spawned up there waaaaay into the mission. Wasn't a problem for me since I had Ogris, but better investigate to make sure no SOB accidentally needs to abort for this.

#46 TBC: Datamass trap.

1382989289-terrain-design-datamass-trap-            Behind the orange container that is highlighted, it is possible to drop a datamass there, where it will be out of reach. It is pretty unlikely really, but something to consider. Beside, maybe drops and resources can fall there as well.


#47 TBC: Clashing between tiles.


1382989288-terrain-design-tile-clashing-            Recently the highlighted tile was added to the Galleon tileset pool, but I find it clashes poorly with the other one (floor and wall of different color). Maybe uniformatize it.

#48 TBC: Wallrun estate.

1382989296-terrain-design-wallrun-estate            I think the highlighted pipe would be a fine place to wallrun up there instead of using the stairs. It would need some tweaking to the room tho.

#48 TBF: Floating ashes.

1382989295-terrain-glitch-floating-ashes            Speaks for itself.

#49 TBF: Invisible wall that blocks bullets (and rockets)

1382989297-terrain-glitch-invisible-wall            Speaks for itself I think. I don't see the purpose of this invisible wall, and it's dangerous for Ogris-wielders.


#50 TBF: Misaligned window.


1382989297-terrain-glitch-misaligned-win            Not sure if it's still a problem, but the window in the lab room of the Galleon was misaligned last time I visited it.



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More reports, all pretty fresh.



#51 TBF: Weird shadow and mush recolor.


1384701972-light-glitch-weird-shadow-gri            The red square features some writing that is abnormally dark when not lighted by a flashlight. In addition to that, you can see in the orange square that the color red of the Grineer writings are over writing the texture of the infestation mush.



#52 TBF: Weird shadow 2.


1384701973-light-glitch-weird-shadow-1-g            You can see my flashlight light one part of the wall, but the whole section is abnormally dark, even accounting for the shadow that the locker/pipes should cast.



#53 TBF: Weird shadows 3.


1384701971-light-glitch-weird-shadow-2-g            Speaks for itself.



#54 TBF: Mob barfing his movement command. 


1384701974-mob-trap-ai-barf-grineer-gall            Can't tell from that shot, but the highlighted Runner was spinning on itself on top of the crate without moving an inch. I think something made him go insane with the pathing there. Additionally, consider checking the spot where a Runner body is disintegrating: I noticed that some infested were massing there for no reasons and stopped going after the players, I'm not certain why or whether its common.



#55 TBC: Weird demarcation. 


1384701974-terrain-design-weird-demarcat            Square here highlights a spot where light metal mesh and dark metal mesh meet. I think the way the mesh meet is weird, it isn't aligned, and it cut pretty straight for no reason. I think you could add some metal beam/bar of some sort to cover the spot where both meshes ends. It would make the spot a bit less weird.

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My reports will darken the sky:



#56 TBF: Weird shadows.


1384815893-light-glitch-weird-shadows-gr            Speaks for itself.



#57 TBF: Weird shadows 1.


1384815894-light-glitch-weird-shadows-1-            Speaks for itself. The similar pit on the other side (off-screen to the right of the shot) has the same issue. (Mobile defense tile)



#58 TBF: Weird shadows 2.


1384815895-light-glitch-weird-shadows-2-            Speaks for itself.



#59 TBF: Weird shadows 3.


1384815897-light-glitch-weird-shadows-3-            It's hard to see, but there's an "unit" of mush that is not properly lit in the middle of the clustermush. Pretty sure it's a lighting problem, I passed over it with my Spectra and it would be lit.



#60 TBC: Misplaced container?


1384815898-props-use-misguided-lamb-grin            It's kind of odd how this container is in the middle of the way like that. Not sure if it was intended, but consider moving it against the pillar?




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Nutritious reports: 


#61 TBF: Weird shadows.


1385646334-light-glitch-weird-shadows-gr            Speaks for itself. Doesn't seem to be a problem without flash lights, but, well, we always have flashlights on infested mission.



#62 TBF: Weird shadows 1.


1385646327-light-glitch-weird-shadows-1-            Speaks for itself. Shine a flashlight at the mush and you can see the invisible edges.



#63 TBF: Weird shadows 2 (+ clipping). 


1385646336-light-glitch-weird-shadows-2-            In addition to being unnaturally dark, this mush pad seems to clip with the ramp.



#64 TBF: Mob hypnosis area.


1385646335-mob-trap-hypno-grineer-galleo            The hostage was turning in circle indefinitely for no reasons there. I don't know if it was a freak bug or if the hostage barfed his move order or something. It was possible to nudge him out of it by blocking his way.



#65 TBF: Floating mush.


1385646333-props-glitch-floating-mush-pa            It's hard to see in this picture, but the highlighted mush pad was floating a couple of inches in the air.



#66 TBF: Out of reach loot.


1385646340-terrain-design-out-of-reach-g            The resource drop was impossible to reach in that position. Not sure if it came from an enemy or from the container.



#67 TBF: Clipping terrain.


1385646340-terrain-glitch-clipping-terra            Speaks for itself. I'm not sure if the other console on the opposite side of the door is clipping with the wall as well.

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... I mean, more reports. 


#68 TBF: Weird shadow and weird demarcation.


1385832887-light-glitch-weird-shadows-we            The right red square highlights a spot where you can see two lighting systems meeting at a line in an unnatural fashion. The left square highlights a bit of shadow, that is visible all around the elevated area, so it's not limited to that spot.



#69 TBF: Floating locker.


1385832888-props-glitch-floating-locker-            Speaks for itself.



#70 TBF: Odd merging of pipes.


1385832886-terrain-glitch-poor-merging-g            The two pipes can be seen fighting for whose texture should be shown. It gives either a really squared and weird overlap or flickering texture, depending on location. There's 4 instances in this room, I think, another one highlighted in the background and two on the opposite of the room.

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