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Nidus Origins

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Been a while since I posted a topic, so excuse me while I'm at it.


Nidus just came out, and just from the looks from it, Frost Prime infested immediately came to mind.

1. Look at the Nidus Prion Helmet and the Frost Prime standard helmet, easy spot. As for the Nidus standard helmet, when it's opened up, it looks like the Frost Squall Helmet.

2. Abilities wise look at the similarities

Nidus' Virulence is like Frost's Ice Wave

Nidus' Larva isn't really alike, but somehow familiar to Frost's Freeze

Nidus' Ravenous is either the infested version of Snow Globe or Avalanche, or both.

3. Even though Frost has shields and Nidus has more health, they have the same amount of armor.


So, going from this, and since Frost is one of the earliest frames, hell, it's the second frame to have a Prime, Nidus itself might have been another protector just like Inaros.

Going further, one concept might be that at one time, different frames were constructed to be able to lord over the different colonies of the Orokin Empire. Inaros was the Governor for the Martian Colony, Chroma for some towers, and Frost was the Governor for some Ice Planet that was subsequently overrun with Infestation.


An Ice Planet, like Pluto or whatnot, was the territory of a Frost Prime. It housed a tribe of its own and for the longest time there was peace as it was far removed from the machinations of the Empire. Since there was lasting peace, the Frost Prime went to sleep, but was still revered by the Tribes People. At one point, another Infested Tower/Derelict came close and the Infested started to attack. The Warframe Pod that held the Frost Frame got Infested and thus Infecting the Warframe itself.

Still vigilant though infected already, the Frost Prime awoke and defended the Tribe. The Operator found out that his/her frame could resist the control of the Infestation and found a way to transfer that immunity to the daughter of the Tribe's Chief. The daughter of the Chieftain was named Triuna. And thus, the Operator, named Baphomet had foregone their immunity and sealed himself with the nearby Infested Derelict within the Void.


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So what you're saying is frost prime became nidus and the people became the Mycona?

And the operator became the infested boss Baphomet?

Interesting stuff :)

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