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[Long] [New Tileset+New Faction] The Solar Arrays


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(This got really long, I'm so sorry.)

TL;DR - Lore Introductions. Then Space Vampires. New Boss of faction. Then Tileset, ideas for how the tiles would function/look like. And there are pictures, badly drawn, but pictures!


“Tenno. I need you to follow a lead Maroo has been given. If what she tells us is true, we will need as much information as you can get.”


With that, a small group of Tenno were dispatched to a surprisingly well-outfitted asteroid. Asteroids this far out did not usually have such defenses and facilities indicated in Maroo's briefing. The Tenno flew evasively through the radar buoys, but there was seemingly no need. If the radar had picked them up, there was no indication. Lisets docked at their usual inconspicuous locations, delivering the avatars. The Lotus was unusually light on details, but the Tenno assigned couldn't let this distract them. What details they lacked, they were sure to find within the artificial geode.


Again, within the darkened interiors, there was no indication of the lone asteroid even being occupied, belying the effort put into its furnishings and their upkeep. The Tenno swiftly maneuvered through the fabricated halls. They were here for information, but they were having a hard time finding anything worthwhile. Though, given the lack of resistance, that could be seen as interesting enough. Markings along the corridors funneled the quartet to a what appeared to be the command room. Even now, no Grineer made their selves known.


Blinking lights of sleeping access points welcomed them into surprisingly small room. Ivara swept towards a console under a pure black void. The window did not seem overly-reinforced like those that peered into space. But what did it overlook? Loki, Ash, and Banshee fanned out as well, either keeping watch or attempting their own bypass of systems. Ivara paused as a prompt indicating the ability to restore power to the lighting grid appeared. She looked amongst her allies. Should she? Chances looked low that there would actually be anyone around to take notice if she did.


Lights bloomed through the window, shining resplendent on an unsettling view. The room before them was clogged with something they were disturbingly familiar with, but with a curious difference. White silken strands crisscrossed the arena, punctuated periodically with viscera-stained cocoon that had been torn open. The bits of Grineer armor that poked out of these grotesque bulbs left little doubt as to where their would-be welcome party had gone. The same thought permeated through the group: Infested? The group immediately readied their weapons in response to a surprising set of beeps. Not an infested. Banshee lowered her shotgun, reading the alert.


A transport ship receiving bay was reporting massive damaged to its moorings and atmosphere containment fixtures.


Whatever had done this was gone.


* * *


Early in the days of the Orokin, there were many needs as it spread amongst the planets of the Origin System. Chief among them: power. And to sate the voracious beast, there was only one method viable.


Enormous hexagonal solar arrays clad in an obsidious alloy orbited breath-takingly close to the Sun. Great arcing skeletal structures connected the vast energy collectors, those to the condensers, and those to the transmitters. While the majority of the structures were dedicated to the energy collectors and supporting infrastructure, there was not an unsubstantial amount dedicated to research labs and the barracks of those appointed to oversee.


Slowly, though, the Orokin developed more efficient energy sources closer to their ultimate point of use. As such, the solar arrays fell out of favor. History passed. The arrays fell out of the mind of the populace. Some of the research stations near Mercury still made use of them, but even then it was only slated for back-up to their back-ups.


Then... Zariman Ten Zero reemerged with the crew devastated, the children... changed. And with it, new areas of research. Secret, dangerous, perfect for the isolated and forgotten solar arrays. Progress was made within these onyx-laden halls, helping to create the powerful Warframes.


When the Orokin had fallen to the Tenno, small groups stole away on the solar arrays. Their survival was already in peril, even as they were being overlooked by the rest of the system. Left to wallow in their desperate state, the Orokin intellect and the resources at their disposal lead to only one outcome.





The Solar Arrays


Helet Dasen – The leader of the new Evorokin (“Evolved” Orokin). He was the primary Orokin researcher of the Infested/Warframes on the Solar Arrays who was able to develop the gene therapy that 'evolved' the survivors. The gene therapy attempted to allow Orokin to feed directly off electrical energy, but had disastrous results as the therapy relied heavily on aspects of the Infested gene code. There are a fair amount of survivors left, but with the new attention brought upon them by the capture and escape of a high-ranking Evorokin, Dasen has created a fast growing psuedo-Evorokin army to protect the Solar Arrays from the various factions of the Origin System. He has gone insane from the Infested affects, limited interaction with others, and the grief of losing his family and civilization. His mind races between seeing his current self as more supreme (in an attempt to cope with his failure) than Orokin, love for what was lost, hate for what once was at it is now lost and seemingly unattainable again, hate and intrigue for the Tenno and Warframes. Physically, Helet's top half is more or less Orokin in appearance: stately, clean, and elegant. On the other hand, his legs have devolved into a mass of swirling tentacles, a side-effect of the gene therapy gone awry.




      • “Why couldn't you just leave us alone?”

      • “We... we did nothing wrong! You deserved your would-be fate!”

      • “Freaks! Brats!”

      • “Lotus... what is the Lotus....”

      • “A... no.... this cannot be.”

      • “A Sentient!? Do you know what they did to us!?”

      • “Of course! Ofcourseofcourseofcourseofcourseofcourse....” (Said increasingly indiscernibly and faintly)

      • “The Seven knew your betrayal, and that is why....”

      • “See! You deserved your fate! I will not fail the Orokin!”

      • “Gyra... She shouldn't have come back. I understand she was afraid... but....”

      • “Look at what your selfishness has wrought, Gyra! The Tenno and their puppets swarm our beloved homes like the rats they are!”

      • “She shouldn't have come back.... But I suppose we don't have to worry about her... indiscretions any longer.”

      • “I know what you're thinking. We didn't kill her. She made her choice herself!”

      • “We don't kill our own.”

      • “Unlike you!” (Shrill, inhuman shriek)


On special mob spawn:

      • “Nothing like a sample from a live specimen.”

      • “Feeeed....”

      • “Drink of their void energy!”

      • “Tenno, I must thank you. Really. It has been... so... very... long.... New data... so interesting.”

      • “Tenno, Tenno, Tenno.... You must listen to your /elders/.” (1st interrupt)

      • “Try as you might, you will not win. It always does....” (2nd interrupt)

      • “Oh, Tenno.... You have made him absolutely... /ravenous/!” (3rd interrupt)

      • “See! I told you! Come here, boy. Your father has something for you....” (Successful drain)

      • “I will be waiting for the... oh so generously provided data.”

      • “Come here boy... wait.... //TENNO//... (meekly) What have.... what have you done?”

      • “No... no... no..nonononono. (Long pause, then meekly) Not again.”

      • “My family... again....”

      • “Janelle.... these monsters.... I'm so sorry....”

      • (Roaring) “I will make you pay!”


Evorokin – Basically, energy vampires. Most psuedo-evorokin do not possess such abilities, but the more advanced of the new legion do. Some of the more far-gone Evorokin evoke a sense of the Ancients in how their body is shaped, but they still are very much aware and able to communicate. Most Evorokin, however, are closer to how Orokin would look, though with obvious indications that there is something disturbingly wrong.


Special Spawn – A high quality psuedo-Evorokin, made to drain the void energy infused within Warframes for examination. Will pin down a warframe to draw energy. Can be interrupted by other Warframes or a Tenno. Each interruption will increase the rewards from the beast, should you defeat it. The fourth attempt will always be a success, and once done, the being will attempt to flee. You must stop it from getting to its destination (A vent, a small ship, certain elevator, whatever).


Possible tiles and their uses in missions/mission variants


    • Overall, the rooms vary to simple connecting rooms/halls, to fairly long, straight trestles, to single room hubs. Larger hubs would be comprised of the smaller connecting rooms, where one can see a glimpse of their past. Either they can be dormitories, to lounge areas (despite the utilitarian purpose of the Arrays, they are Orokin afterall *scoff*), overlooks of the Sun, rooms that look fairly similer to Orokin halls with lower ceiling (for the most part), but are mostly glassy obsidian, trimmed with silver. The reds and oranges of the Sun, despite the heavily shaded windows, seep into the rooms and provide the rooms with sweltering glow that clash with the cool obsidian and silvers, reminding the occupants just where they are. The 'endcap' rooms of halls/multi-doored rooms are usually clogged with the silken remnants of the Evorokin's Infested tendancies (like birth cacoons among other things). They can't handle the fact that the gene therapy had done this to them, so they try to lead 'normal' lives and hide the hideousness of their realities.

    • Some larger room could be under construction from automated Orokin technology, the smaller rooms not having been completed. Some of the hubs had been damaged, lost due to disconnection, etc. so the Orokin configured a system to repair and create the relatively simpler technology of the proto-Orokin.

    • Defense/Interception - Very large, open room fully hexagonal. Large, heavily shaded windows around the perimeter allow you do see the Sun roiling beneath the room. You would not walk directly on the bottom of the arena, that is taken up be a hexagonal pyramid pointed toward the sun made of large triangular panes of shaded windows. On the ceiling is a convex energy-transmitting dish. Connecting each entrance to the center are catwalks leading to a wide-open platform. Three to four (varies) large pylons interrupt the expanse, connecting to the bottom of the dish, allowing energy to flow up to be transmitted. In the middle, directly beneath the apex of the dish, a control tower for energy distribution. This tile would function as the Interception (4 pylons) and Defense (3 pylons or control tower, varies per mission) locations. The defense pylons would switch between waves or set of 5 as capacitors charge. Badly drawn picture: http://imgur.com/En4uDMK also: http://imgur.com/D7ml2XS

    • For Sabotage and Rescue, it could be a genetic lab with Evorokin/Infested/Warframes in various states of maturity or a Tenno-ally (as in the normal defense/rescue situation). Depending on the occupant, you must destroy utterly (Infested), gain information and destroy (Evorokin). If it's a Warframe or Tenno, you must gain information and perform a Rescue mission. Evorokin and Tenno would be within more quaint, elegant research rooms. Infested and Warframes would be found within heavily fortified tanks and research areas. A variation: once the Rescue is finished, Helet Desen may inform the cluster of Solar Array hubs that the research lab will be ejected from the hub as containment has been breached. Players will have a limited amount of time (think Orokin Sabotage gates) to make it safely to the connecting trestles or they will die. Sabotage could involve you yourself initiating such measures on important Solar Array hubs.

    • Excavation is the other end of Defense on the Solar Arrays. In a disrupted Origin System, the amount of power the Solar Arrays are able to provide is too much to ignore. Therefore, it is your job as excavators to ensure that the solar collection panels and arms remain in position. Lotus informs you of junctions that need to be realigned to ensure maximal power collection. Protect these, and you will be rewarded with goods that the power you collect is able to provide. The tiles for these are thinner, but multitudinous, hallways. The halls provide backbones for the large panels that extend from them. There would be vents allowing psuedo-Evorokin to drop down on the junctions to disrupt/destroy (when destroyed, the autorepair features of the Solar Array station would kick in and repair while you attempt to protect other vulnerable junctions, so you may have to protect that same junction once again).

    • Hijack missions would see a use as well. In order to move between the various clusters of Solar Arrays, the Evorokin utilized cargo ships (The ships, having been created during the same time of the Solar Arrays, would share most of the obsidious/silver motifs of the Solar Arrays tiles). While during the height of the Solar Array usage they directed their power directly to receiving nodes on the inner planets, the outer planets needed these cargo ships. Their cargo, in this case, was energy. Your mission for Hijack would be to take control of these ships to help secure the energy that Excavation/Defense/Interception work to provide. Once the Evorokin detect you have boarded the ship, they will remove the control core of the ship and secure it. You would then work your way to the core, and escort the hoverpad it was placed upon back to the engine room (the hover pad would require your shields to work as it has, itself, been sabotaged to prevent being used). Once the core had been escorted, a quick hack ensures the system reinserts the core into the ship. Once the core reinsertion has been completed, the mission is a success (as the coordinates of the energy collection have also been uploaded to the core during escort).

    • Survival would involve the simple atmosphere evacuation of normal survival missions, or it could be orbital stabilization pods (full of the energy that powers the generators of whatever force(s) that allow the stations to stay aloft, as Helet has cut off those sections of power). Instead of there being life-support canisters that are delivered, they would instead be stations located through out the area that are activated intermittently to provide stabilization to the hub(s). The changes would be cosmetic to fit the locale and provide next to no actual functional changes.


I hope you enjoyed my ideas. Might be kinda a bit to add....

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed it.









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