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The Glast Gambit: Update 19.6.0 +

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Mutagen changes, not there. 
And a nullifier buff. 


EDIT: To elaborate,
1) The last Devstream literally mentioned the droprate increase. And it isn't here. This update would have been the perfect place to do ANYTHING to try fix this Paywall. 

2) Chroma, Inaros and Valkyr are all awful to use as melee tanks vs corpus, AWFUL, because they lose the thing that makes them good tanks in a manner that is either extra punishing, or removes something that takes considerable time to build up. Now Nidus is in the same boat and melee tanks vs corpus just can't ever use short ranged weapons. This is just painful. No-one is asking for nullifier buffs. Srsly. This unit needs to temporarily disable, NOT DISPEL powers like Vex armour and Iron Skin, and here you are buffing them against the one tank that doesn't use that (his link still goes, making him 10x more vulnerable, as is).

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Still no fix for

On 13.12.2016 at 9:08 PM, DonOctane said:

For the folowing weapons is the range mod (for me Primed reach) unequiped in fight after some time - Secura Lecta - Lecta - Atterax

I use slide slide attack all the time. After some time range mods are unequiped and i cant hit enemys. It´s range is ~ like without range mods. Also dmg is reducesed.I ve had that problem in many runs. Also weapon switch dont helps. Respawn dont helps. It only helps to restart mission.

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Thanks for the nerfs.  :-/

And the much needed mutagen sample drop increase since the research cost is not getting a much needed nerf.

Otherwise an okay update.


Hope my sarcasm was apparent enough.

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Small spelling nerf...
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" Removed ability to see Codex information about Relics you do not own.  "

Wait so I use my last relic of that type and I can't see where to go farm more of it even though had I looked when I had 1 left I would know... what the codex magically erases itself or am I not understanding this change?

Also if I had Relic X but use up the last one I can't go to the codex to see if there are any relics I'm missing? Huh?

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A shame there isn't more to the frost deluxe like armour pieces or a syandana like the previous deluxes have had.

Apart from that, looking forward to seeing these new ability graphics.

Please tell me that the horribly textured snowballs of avalanche has been replaced or drastically improved. Generally looks so bad.

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