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Space Casino - Archwing Race

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It would nice, if we can find a space casino  in warframe to play : rambling machine, poker, roulette game,... with warframe theme : infested rambling machine, stalker poker...

We can play with credits or platinium (why not relics,mods) to win more money, relics, special items for example on special Jackpot : you win a spaceship or special guns

It ll be possible to do some special events in the casino.

The players ll get a place to show their warframe, maybe exchange items. In many games, the casino was fun : borderlands 2, drive unlimited 2, final fantasy...


Archwing Race can be fun too between players  or versus computer :

Guns are available to slow archwing when the archwing get a booster

speed booster need to be on map to get some reversal situation during the race

4 players bet credits : 3 players wins - 1 loose

A CO-OP race : possible to play versus computer : 4 players vs 4 computer (like a raid)

We can win rewards : special items to customize archwing - maybe improve the performance


It s ll be fun to use LITH, MESO, NEO, AXI in a more high level area (lvl 100 or adjustable on currently mission) and more. In the dangerous area, we get maybe more chance to win rare relics or we get better chance to open the relics. Or relics are refined automatically (+1) : intact relic becomes Exceptional, Exceptional becomes fawless...


What do you think about these ideas ?

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