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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.6.3


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The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.6.3

As you might recall on our last Devstream we mentioned some changes we have made on an infrastructure level for better stability overall and how this has caused some people to get spurious "'Network Not Responding" (NNR) warnings when there was actually nothing wrong. This build includes a plethora of bug-fixes and optimizations that we hope will improve this situation; we've also continued to add to the diagnostics reported so that we can work with our infrastructure partners to isolate any remaining issues. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your diligent reporting. 


  • The Sheev is now a Grineer Invasion offering!
  • Enemies no longer receive a mental perception of an attacker, but rather mental perception of the source object. This causes them to play a reaction and become alert, but not have any extra information about the player. Enemies that are shot with projectiles that are silent and/or without a sound effect will now report a visual perception (rather than doing nothing). Previously enemies knew the exact location of their attacker when taking damage, regardless of the source. 
  • More performance optimizations for the Helminth Infirmary. 
  • Improved Operator Void Dash aiming and collision on Kuva Clouds to be more forgiving.
  • Inbox messages for gifts no longer intrude and interrupt gameplay.
  • Tweaked the Sentinel Regen Mod description to include new invulnerability mechanic. 
  • Tweaked the Atomos rumbling feedback duration when using a controller.


  • Fixed script errors (game freezes) when trying to research/contribute to Dojo color pigments.
  • Fixed a script error with Nezha’s Divine Spears when the initial spear damage kills an enemy which causes an explosion (e.g. Volatile Runner) that kills Nezha.
  • Fixed a script error with Mirage’s Prism.
  • Fixed a script error with the Azima.
  • Fixed Ammo Case Mod upgrades remaining after death.
  • Fixed not being affected by Armor deterioration in Infested Salvage/Jordas Verdict when transferring from Operator to Warframe or when playing as the Client. 
  • Fixed Friends/Clan screen presence information for real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, etc) showing the default mission type of the underlying Star Chart node. 
  • Fixed no Capture Target spawning in Kuva Siphon missions.
  • Fixed Capture Targets not scaling with difficulty for real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, etc).
  • Fixed the Frost Harka skin having a prominent left side bulge. 
  • Fixed missing Index Mods from the Codex.
  • Fixed Primed Chamber missing from the Codex for players that own it. Like many time limited items, they only show in the Codex if you own it.
  • Fixed a handful of missing enemies from the Codex as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/670643-missing-enemy-codex-entries/
  • Fixed incorrect Lotus transmissions during a Kuva Siphon.
  • Fixed the Investigator Mod description showing unrounded duration values.
  • Fixed an incorrectly placed texture in the Corpus Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed numerous localization text errors.
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Mutagen samples drop rate increase?? No? Ok...


Also, as I posted multiple times already on the forums, change Valkyr Prime's design. There is a hole somewhere in the lore that the prime design is causing. You do not seem to care about us players that care about Valkyr. Just expect us to buy her and shut up...

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Are you guys not going to revert the changes you made to the Harka skin textures just because, seriously...? :(

I mean, I'm sorry you the Community team has to eat the backlash because you have no say in those decisions, but seriously... I feel being screwed over on a paid item.

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