Dedicated Conclave Servers: Part II, Advanced Guide.

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It should only consider sessions hosted by your clan, yes. Send me your logs (both server & client), I'll take a look.

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On 2017-01-18 at 2:16 PM, SonicSonedit said:


Here is a crazy idea, but just listen, okay? Listen... what if you make dedicated servers... for PVE?! I know, sounds crazy, since 90% of players only play conclave and only around 10% of players play PVE game content... right?

Kind of funny (not really though) how anytime there is either an update to PvP or even a talk about an update to PvP, the first reactions are always cries that we need more improvements to PvE, when 99% of the content and updates are focused 100% on PvE.  Can we please get something without all the haters?  Smug, smarcastic haters.

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