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PS4: The Glast Gambit (U19.5.7) [+hotfixes]

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New Quest - The Glast Gambit:

Summoned by Ergo Glast of the Perrin Sequence to the outpost known as the Mycona, you have discovered that Nef Anyo has stolen the children of the Mycona Colony, and it is up to you to get them back. You must challenge Nef in The Index and beat him at his own game. But Tenno, beware, not all is as it seems.


New Index Enemies & Mods:

The index is back with new Corpus champions! You can also find two new weapon mods: Tether Grenades & Flux Overdrive

New Riven Mods:

You can now acquire Riven Mods for Shotguns and Secondary weapons as Sortie rewards, as per our Dev Workshop here:

New Game Mode - Infested Salvage:

A ship and its crew have fallen victim to the Infestation they were researching. Locate the ship’s manifest to recover their extensive research, but be fast as a corrosive gas fills the ship degrading your armor integrity.

You can find this new mission type on Oestrus, Eris!

New Warframe - Nidus:

Command the Infestation to mutate and grow ever more destructive.

• Virulence
    o Rupture the ground with a damaging fungal growth that steals energy from each enemy it strikes. For every five enemies hit, the Infestation mutates, multiplying its destructive force.
• Larva
    o Spawn an infested pod that erupts with tendrils, latches onto nearby enemies and pulls them in.
• Parasitic Link
    o Bind to a target with a parasitic link. For allies, both the host and Nidus deal increased damage. Linked enemies take the damage inflicted on Nidus.
• Ravenous
    o Gluttonous maggots swarm nearby enemies, feasting until they burst with Infestation. The maggots benefit from Mutation and each enemy consumed adds to the Mutation stack.


New Infested Weapons:

• A bloodsucker. This symbiotic burst-rifle leeches health to forge its ammo and then restores health with each headshot


• Rip into the enemy with fists of razor sharp cartilage. Steals health with each critical hit.


New Cosmetics:
Thorac Syandana

• A sinuous spine of Infested anatomy.

Winter Glyph Bundle

  • Available for a limited time!


New Community Made Skins for the following Items have been added to the Market! Check them out and support your fellow Tenno!

  • Volt Arrester Helmet by Rekkou_109  
  • Volt Amp Skin and Volt Amp Helmet by Faven_PS -
  • Mag Orbit Helmet and Mag Orbit Skin by drawingyourdreams
  • Chroma Tarrasque Helmet by artarrwen
  • Excalibur Sentient Slayer Helmet and Excalibur Sentient Slayer Skin by CommanderApocalypse


Stand out with these new items!

Set your enemies in flames with the Javlok. Complete this loadout by adding the Laddak Cloak and Boloket Sugatra. Customize your Warframe with a new round of community-created TennoGen items on the Steam Workshop!

Launch super-heated slugs at individual foes, or hurl the entire weapon and ignite groups of enemies in a flash inferno.

Fashioned with spare field components, this Cloak is an example of rarely seen creativity within the Grineer ranks.

Fashioned by frontline grunts, this military-grade weapon embellishment was built to withstand the stresses of combat.

Add these new additions to your Arsenal by visiting the in-game Market today!


The Grineer Shipyards are getting a facelift. This reworked Tileset introduces updated rain and lighting effects and a sound remaster.

New Mods:


6 New Melee Mods have been added! Discover them from the bodies of your enemies or in Mod Packs:

• Dispatch Overdrive - On Melee Channel Kill: +60% Movement speed for 15 seconds.
• Healing Return - +11 Healed when hitting a target affected by status.
• Condition Overload - +60% Melee Damage for each status type affecting the target.
• Relentless Combination - +100% combo chance when Slash Status deals damage.
• Guardian Derision - Blocking taunts enemies within 15 meters to target you instead of allies.
• Enduring Affliction - +150% Status duration on hit.

4 New Warframe Augment Mods have been added to their respective Syndicate offerings:

• Frost: Icy Avalanche (Avalanche) - Grants allies within the radius a coat of ice that absorbs 60 damage per enemy hit.
• Hydroid: Corroding Barrage (Tempest Barrage) - Each projectile has a 100% chance of inflicting a Corrosive status effect.
• Loki: Savior Decoy (Decoy) - If Loki takes fatal damage, Decoy absorbs the damage and swaps locations. Also increased casting speed of Decoy by 50%.
• Rhino: Reinforcing Stomp (Rhino Stomp) - Iron Skin is replenished by 80 for each enemy affected.


• Lua is now an available location for Sortie missions!
• Added Lotus tutorial transmissions to Spy missions, Survival missions, and Void Fissure missions. Fun fact: there is an option in your in-game Audio settings titled ‘Enable Hint Transmissions’ (previously was ‘Enable Tutorial Transmission’). Enabling this will give you those Lotus ‘help’ transmissions that play throughout the mission, and disabling it prevents them from playing.
• Added proper localization to Stand United, Precision Munition, Thundermiter, Draining Gloom and Heartseeker Mods.
• Added some helpful text to unacquired Quests in the Codex!
• Added Transference Suit Energy Color for your Operator’s Abilities!
• You can now acquire a Hyekka Gene-Masking Kit! (Kavat armor unavailable for the Hyekka for now while we work on setting it up)
• Look for the new Grineer Workers in the remastered Shipyard!
• Orokin Derelict Node completion will now track properly on the Solar Map with a blue flashing indicator for those you have not completed! However, nodes will not be retroactively shown as ‘complete’, so they’ll all show blue until completed again.
• Added translated subtitles on The War Within Quest ending screen.
• Added ability to purchase Decorations from the placement selection screen in Decorator Mode.
• Added a new UI animation on abilities icons that are currently active


• The Saita Prime Operator Suit has been visually changed due to concerning feedback on the original design. Please see our Saita Prime Operator Suit.
• Casting speed Mods (Natural Talent) now affect:
    o Loki’s Decoy
    o Chroma’s Vex Armor
    o Saryn’s Spores and Toxic Lash
    o Excalibur’s Radial Blind
    o Ivara’s Artemis Bow (while ziplining) and Navigator (while ziplining), Quiver, and Prowl
    o Inaros’ Scarab Swarm
    o Oberon’s Smite
    o Ash’s Smoke Screen
    o Equinox’s Metamorphosis
• You can now skip both mission fly-in cinematics by skipping the first one. Previously this went live and resulted in loading into an Archwing mission with no Archwing. 
• Made numerous performance improvements in the Kuva Fortress tileset.
• The Halls of Ascension ‘Speed Test’ on Lua is now repeatable in the same mission. This also fixes Puncture/AOE weapons from breaking the challenge by destroying switches.
• Tweaked the sound of all Limbo’s abilities.
• Adjusted the positioning for the Daedalus Spurs to prevent clipping on Mesa.
• Adjusted Sugatra positioning to try and prevent the Kazeru Prime Sugatra from freaking out when equipped on Claw weapons.
• Adjusted the Vala Sugatra Prime to fix floating off Claw weapons.
• Kuva Siphon missions will no longer be joinable from other players once the Siphon has been completed. This change helps alleviate player’s missing out on the Kuva rewards by joining in after objective completion.
• Operators will no longer be affected by Energy Reduction Modifier in Sorties.
• Removed secondary flashlight from the Twin Rogga.
• Disabled the End of Mission screen after completing The War Within quest as it’s not necessary.
• The Queen will now continually attempt to blast player’s away if they are able to get inside her shield area in The War Within quest.
• Changed the Kuva Siphon progress elements in hud (Progress circle is now for number of braids destroyed, and “harvested” is moved to a list underneath the circle)
• Adjusted the Kuva Tower location within the Corpus Ship tileset.
• Changed the ‘Enable Tutorial Transmission’ Audio option to ‘Enable Hint Transmissions’.
• Removed the Warframe Energy penalty when dying as Operator while in Transference.
• The Quest section of the Codex now displays prerequisites respective to each Quest, and uncompleted Quests appear blurred out!
• The number of items received from purchasing or crafting items that give more than one of it is now indicated in the UI (i.e Specter Blueprints from Syndicates, Synthesis Scanners from Simaris, etc).
• Market items that contain more than 1 copy of the item have been updated so that buying 1 will not break up the unit prices but will display total amount you will receive. Buying more than 1 will show the unit price, total price, and total amount received.
• Quests will now be sorted in the Codex by recommended order of completion.
• Removed the “flashlight” from Akstiletto & Akstiletto Prime for performance reasons
• Removed The New Strange as a requirement for starting Simaris dailies.
• Explosions on enemy death caused by Vulcan Blitz and Acid Shells mods will now properly alert enemies.
• Hid Rathuum Broadcasters from Enemy Radar to avoid confusion.
• Weapons with infinite clip will now show infinite icon instead of 0
• The hud will no longer show level or affinity bar when the weapon has support xp off
• Tweaked the gain on various loud weapons
• Buffed Prosecutor health
• Added wrinkle maps to various NPCs.
• Added various PBR updates.
• Added various QoL tweaks to Holster Customization, including ones allowing players to see results better in real time.
• Changed the message displayed in-mission when ranking up an item from "Level Up" to "Rank Up" for consistency.
• Removed "View start cinematic" button when viewing a Quest in the Codex that hasn't been set to active.
• Moved the “Player Ready” icon to appear above the Player’s username in the Trial Squad screen to prevent Muted UI from blocking it as per this thread:
• Optimized various Trinity Prime textures.
• Improved overall Arsenal display alignment with the search bar, item grid, and selected Loadout item.
• Changed enemy spawns for Alator Node on Mars to have a mix of enemies more suited to Interception.
• Removed Gas Damage as a trigger for Grineer Shrapnel Mines.
• Added a short cooldown between Void Mode activations to prevent spam.
• Improved the ability for Hosts using the Broken Scepter to find and drain enemies killed and ragdolled by Clients. The nearest ragdolled and killed enemy will be flagged.
• Changed the default Solar Chart region zoom to Earth instead of Mercury.
• Codex scanner sounds can now be heard while using Loki’s Invisibility.
• Loki’s Invisibility will now properly reduce the volume of some background sounds.
• Improved cloth physics of both the Salix and Winter Solstice Salix Syandana.
• Reduced volume and cleaned up audio of Synoid Simulor when being used by other players.
• Removed 'Hasten Coil' from Volt’s Speed ability description as the Hasten Coil was removed awhile back.
• Generic Ordis transmissions in the Landing Craft and Void Fissure tutorial transmissions can now be disabled by turning off 'Enable Hint Transmissions' in the Audio Menu.
• The Index missions are no longer required as part of Neptune's completion.
• Infested Melee enemies should now do a better job of attacking Defense Targets on Uranus - Ur.
• Changed Interception to prevent new players joining right before the round ends (it now locks the mission at the 60% mark).

Sortie Changes:

• Removed Nitain from Sortie Reward table and added 3-day Boosters in its place.
• Changed Exilus Adapter BP reward to a fully-crafted Exilus Adapter
• Reduced length of "endless" mission variants as follows:
• Survival - was 15 minutes, now 10 minutes
• Excavation - was 1000 cryotic, now 500 cryotic.

Riven Mod Additions & Changes:

• Changed Riven Mod capacity warnings and action steps to be more friendly by adding an ‘Ask me Later’ button that allows you to delay your decision on which Riven Mod to get rid of once you are past the cap (16/15). Previously if you were in the scenario of receiving a 16th Veiled Riven Mod via Sortie, you were sent back to your Landing Craft and locked into making a choice of which Riven to Dissolve. It can be any Riven, even the Veiled one you just received. However, while you're above the Riven cap you will be ineligible for Sorties until you manage your inventory (16/15 must become 15/15 or less).
• For those of you who have reached the max Riven Capacity, you can now increase your Riven Capacity by purchasing additional Slots. Visit the market to get a bundle of three slots for 60 Platinum. The maximum capacity is still capped at 60 Riven Slots total for technical reasons.
• Cycle will now prompt you to choose on next login if you crash while choosing.
• A player cannot be traded a Riven if they are already at max capacity.
• Cycling can now be done repeatedly without the need to close & open again.
• Fixed bug when trying to dissolve a Veiled Riven Mod
• Fixed getting locked in Riven reveal screen when pressing esc/back too early
• Fixed an issue that could cause an auto-ban for selling a Riven
• Rivens will now show the reveal screen on next login if you crash before returning to your Landing Craft
• Removed possible Riven Mod Challenge that requires players to kill Sentients while aim-gliding.
• Disposition has been reduced for the following weapons:
    o Soma
    o Simulor
    o Tonkor
• Disposition has been increased for the following weapons:
    o Flux Rifle
    o Tetra
    o Panthera
    o Mitter
    o Buzlok
    o Harpak
    o Mutalist Quanta
    o Tiberon
    o Attica

Conclave Changes & Fixes:

• Removed Mesa's no Melee Health buff Passive from Conclave.
• Increased Secondary weapon reload speed of Mesa’s Passive in Conclave.
• Mirage’s Sleight of Hand traps now last indefinitely in Conclave.
• Changed the Martial Fury Conclave Mod from 0.5 Power Rate to -50% Power Rate.
• Changed ‘Low Current Leap’ Conclave Mod name to ‘No Current Leap’ and +5 second Shield regeneration delay changed to 0 Power Rate.
• ‘Armored Evade’ Conclave Mod damage resistance increased to 40% while dodging. -20% Slide changed to -10% Mobility.
• ‘Final Act’ Conclave Mod Ability Efficiency increased to 40%.
• Reduced the duration of Ash's Smoke Screen in Conclave.
• Reduced the damage of Saryn's Spores in Conclave.
• Reduced Volt's Shock damage in Conclave.
• Increased Volt's Shock radius from 8 to 10m in Conclave.
• Fixed a localization tag showing when Loki’s Deceptive Bond Decoy Augment activates.
• Fixed an edge case scenario that could result in unbalanced teams in Conclave.
• Fixed Clients not seeing Mirage’s Sleight of Hand trap FX.
• Removed headshot multiplier and reduced the damage of the Seer in Conclave.
• Fixed Health Orbs and Ammo not respawning for the entire game after falling victim to Mirage’s Sleight of Hand.
• You can now choose to play with just your Clan by selecting the new "Clan Only" button!
• Removed the health boost from Mesa's Passive in Conclave
• Armored Evade Conclave Mod damage resistance increased to 40% while dodging (-20% Slide changed to -10% Mobility)
• Bladestorm Conclave cost s 100 Energy for the first Mark only.
• Changed the name of the "Staggered" Conclave Status to "Impaired"

Conclave Magazine Size Changes:



• Tiberon 30 to 21
• mk1 braton 60 to 25
• braton 45 to 30
• Braton Prime 75 to 35
• Braton Vandal 50 to 30
• Boltor 60 to 30
• Boltor Prime 60 to 36
• Telos Boltor 90 to 42
• Gorgon 90 to 60
• Gorgon Wraith 90 to 60
• Prisma Gorgon 120 to 80
• Grakata 60 to 40
• Prisma Grakata 120 to 50
• Karak 30 to 20
• Karak Wraith 60 to 35
• Soma 100 to 50
• Soma Prime 200 to 70
• Dera 45 to 25
• Dera Vandal 60 to 35
• Hind 65 to 40
• Buzlok 75 to 40
• Supra 180 to 80
• Tetra 60 to 40
• Prisma Tetra 60 to 40
• Stradavar 65 to 30
• Amprex 100 to 40
• Flux Rifle 200 to 30
• Glaxion 300 to 50
• Synapse 100 to 35



• Mk1 Furis 35 to 20
• Furis 35 to 20
• Dual Furis 70 to 40
• Dex Furis 100 to 50
• Cestra 60 to 30
• Dual Cestra 100 to 60
• Secura Dual Cestra 100 to 60
• Kohmak 40 to 30
• Dual Kohmaks 80 to 60
• Azima 75 to 30
• AkSomati 70 to 30
• Atomos 50 to 30
• Twin Grakatas 120 to 60
• AkJagara 24 to 12
• Akzani 100 to 50
• Embolist 100 to 50
• Gammacor 100 to 30
• Synoid Gammacor 150 to 50
• Nukor 50 to 35
• Spectra 80 to 40
• damage for these weapons has also been rebalanced to compensate

Arcane Changes:

• Distilling Arcanes no longer consumes a distiller

Sicarus Prime Changes:

• Buffed base damage from 30 to 40
• Increased Crit chance from 10% to 20% and Crit multiplier 1.5 to 2
• Increased Clip Size from 21 to 24.

Nullifier Changes:

• Changed Nullifier Bubbles to be deactivated when they aren’t alert. Hurray stealth!
• Improved the ability for arrows from Bow weapons to hit and deal damage to Nullifier Bubbles.
• Removed the ability for Nullifier Bubbles to be dispelled by Radial Damage.

The New Strange Fixes:

• Fixed crucial progression required mission rewards not being given to players, therefore stopping progression through the quest. 
• Fixed auto progressing through the New Strange quest.



• Fixed a crash that would occur in the Landing Craft when moving decorations.
• Fixed a crash that occurred during the Assassinate Vay Hek Sortie mission.
• Fixed a crash that occurred while attempting to join a squad.
• Fixed a rare case of loading into a mission with the wrong Warframe.
• Fixed Client getting incorrect/no reward if a Void Fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect.
• Fixed interactions to respond correctly to Nullifiers that target specific ability types. I.E Damage Nullifiers should only affect things/abilities that do damage.
• Fixed bad enemy spawning in Uranus Exterminate Alerts & Sorties.
• Made fixes towards resolving players losing progress in Endless Void Fissure missions if they hit a reward interval during a Hotfix.
• Fixed Melee speed powers/Mods being disabled in the presence of a Slo Comba.
• Fixed all Comba/Scrambus’ being able to nullify Nekros’ Shadow of the Dead summons.
• Fix an issue where the Acrid's dissolve would stop prematurely, preventing the corpses from being destroyed.
• Fixed incorrect textures being used when equipping the Ryu Nikana Skin on the Dragon Nikana.
• Fixed a floating attachment when equipping the Ryu Nikana Skin on the Dragon Nikana.
• Fixed receiving an error when attempting to purchase a Focus Lens from the Upgrade screen.
• Fixed Venka Prime not being drawn when spawning with only melee equipped.
• Fixed incorrect description appearing for "Pistol Only" Sorties. It now reads"Secondary Only".
• Fixed Hydroid’s passive activating off of the Telos Boltace spin attack and from an equipped Bullet Dance.
• Fixed enemies endlessly spawning in the Rank 16 Mastery Rank test.
• Fixed Ash not being able to Teleport to Shrapnel Mine, Kuva Fortress Turrets and the Grineer Blunt.
• Fixed Clients not being able to access a secret area in the Infested Ship tileset.
• Fixed an unintended unreachable platform in the Lua tileset.
• Fixed unlocalized text in the The War Within quest.
• Fixed falling out of the world when jumping out of an elevator on the Jupiter, Themisto tileset.
• Fixed ragdolling an enemy (without killing them) causes Ash’s Blade Storm marks to disappear.
• Fixed Ash’s Blade Storm marks being embedded inside enemies while levitating.
• Fixed hitching that could occur for Clients when selecting their rewards at the end of a Void Fissure mission.
• Fixed the Energy Conversion blue spinning HUD buff icon from disappearing over time.
• Fixed no proper indication in the Market that Restore Blueprint bundles offer more than one Restore.
• Fixed planet UI overlapping the Last Mission Results screen when viewed from a planet in Navigation.
• Fixed the Capture timer continuing to count up in the Mastery Rank 23 test, making it impossible to complete.
• Fixed Vor permanently firing his Janus Key beam ability at you in Vor’s Prize.
• Fixed a crash that could happen if an Operator dies while reviving.
• Fixed a permanent black screen if eaten by the Golden Maw in The War Within quest.
• Fixed the Operator becoming invulnerable in The War Within quest.
• Fixed a progression stopping bug caused by unsuccessful transmissions in The War Within quest.
• Fixed not being able to revive as the Golden Maw.
• Fixed a game hang when looking at the Abilities menu as the Golden Maw.
• Fixed players becoming stuck in the mountain or falling out of world during the Mountain Pass section of The War Within quest.
• Fixed the Grineer transport ship not coming back and lasers not resulting in death after letting the ship progress without you and then dying in the lasers in The War Within quest.
• Fixed falling through the floor when walking up to the Queen in the fight during The War Within quest.
• Fixed being unable to use Transference to return to the Warframe if the player happens to fall out of the world with both their Warframe and their Operator.
• Fixed Aim/Aim Glide fx being stuck on screen after using Transference during Aim Glide.
• Fixed having weapons and incorrect animations upon returning from the Golden Maw mission in The War Within quest.
• Fixed losing Melee functionality as your Warframe while fighting the Queen's Guards in The War Within quest.
• Fixed being trapped as the Operator with no Warframe after using Transference just as the Warframe dies.
• Fixed being able to go through walls via Operator Transference.
• Fixed Clients/Operators/Warframes falling out of the world randomly after Transference.
• Fixed Teshin’s shadow Clones performing animations while downed.
• Fixed Operator being killed while hacking causing the panel to be permanently blocked and unusable.
• Fixed the Kuva Jester not returning to its position on the Kuva Guardian.
• Fixed weird placements of Kuva Siphons within tilesets.
• Fixed the HUD not showing Companion deaths/bleedouts when controlling as the Operator.
• Fixed Aura Mods applying to the Operator.
• Fixed Energy Leech Eximus units leeching Void Energy from Operators.
• Fixed Operators being affected by energy reduction in Sortie missions.
• Fixed wrong details/icon appearing when hovering over Kuva Siphon nodes that also happen to be Nightmare nodes.
• Fixed the Orvius hanging enemies in the air forever.
• Fixed not seeing a companion bleedout timer as the Operator.
• Fixed the Operator not being placed where Transference was cancelled in The War Within quest.
• Fixed not being able to extract from a Kuva Siphon Exterminate mission once the required kill total has been reached.
• Fixed dying while reviving an ally as an Operator will continue to revive ally.
• Fixed a case where you would not be able to Transference into the Operator.
• Fixing Kuva Siphon braid effects not being removed on individual braid deaths.
• Fixed Clients sometimes falling through the world/teleporting to strange positions the first time they spawn their Operator.
• Fixed numerous unlocalized text.
• Fixed incorrect/no reward if a fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect
• Fixed Void Relic still displaying in inventory after cancelling a Fissure Mission
• Fixed issue when trading Platinum and sculptures together
• Fixed a bug with Martial Fury that made Power Rate a negative value
• Fixed codex entries where it would assume an enemy could spawn in a region too high level for it.
• Fixed Mirage’s Sleight of Hand traps going away when she dies in Conclave.
• Fixed players sometimes getting Prime they rolled instead of Prime they chose when cracking Relics in endless Defense.
• Fixed Riven Cycle increasing reroll count by two when selecting the original Riven. 
• Fixed potential script error in Teshin mission when players join/leave.
• Fixed Kavat Genetic Codes from Alerts not being given out in intended quantities. Alerts will now grant 5 Kavat Genetic Codes.
• Fixed Orokin Derelict missions appearing as "Assassination, Levels 1-1" when hovering over them in the Star Chart.
• Fixed the Leaderboard UI not filling the space available with information.
• Fixed a door in Vor’s Prize not switching lights to green when unlocked.
• Fixed numerous hitches during ‘The Purge Precept’ mission in The War Within after failing it previously.
• Fixed Kuva Guardians getting stunlocked by Volt’s Overload while they are still armed.
• Fixed a controller issue where the Power Menu would get stuck when using Transference to return to your Warframe.
• Fixed enemies continuing to spawn after defending the console in the Kuva Fortress mission in The War Within quest.
• Made another fix for Clients getting incorrect/no reward if a Fissure expires before the player rejoins from a crash or disconnect.
• Fixed players not receiving the Relic rewards at each wave cycle at End of Mission.
• Fixed memory/object leak with Vauban's Vortex and Simulor.
• Fixed the dangly bits on the Rashasi Polearm Skin constantly duplicating each time the weapon is equipped. This resulted in a significant increase in CPU time.
• Fixed a rare script crash in Vauban's Tesla if the entity it attached to was killed within a quarter-second of attachment.
• Fixed an unreachable Syndicate Medallion spawn in the Uranus tileset.
• Fixed some enemies getting stuck in their patrol animation.
• Fixed incorrectly placed objects and out-of-bound teleporters in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
• Fixed a script error when joining a Void Fissure Mission.
• Fixed a crash that would occur if a Corpus Tech tried to spawn his Drone and it failed.
• Fixed Market music overlapping when Master volume is set really low.
• Fixed Clients not seeing the UI indication that a Braid has been destroyed in a Kuva Siphon mission.
• Fixed Orbiter doors not opening during the Purge Precept mission in The War Within quest.
• Fixed a controller issue where toggling the Power Menu as the Operator would cause Warframe specific UI to appear.
• Fixed Kuva icons not appearing in the Kuva Siphon mission UI.
• Fixed correctly attacking the Queen not triggering the mission progression in The War Within quest.
• Fixed Energy Reduction Sortie Modifier not being applied to Warframes.
• Fixed Growing Power and Empowered Blades no longer working after using a Focus ability. Should also fix it not working in the Simulacrum if you have it equipped and then open the Arsenal.
• Fixed Auras applying twice when using a Focus ability.
• Fixed script error when owning certain Landing Craft skins.
• Fixed softlock when clicking Swap Images button if you don’t have any Fan Art or Fragments unlocked.
• Fixed a bug in The War Within that would make the lasers stop working in the Archwing portion.
• Fixed some Orokin and Derelict doors being inadvertently blue.
• Fixed a bug that would prevent some players from completing a Junction after winning the battle.
• Fixed Warframe abilities affecting Operators & switching to operator will no longer deactivate currently active abilities.
• Fixed exploit with Phoenix Renewal Augment.
• Fixed Infiltrate Augment’s speed increase infiltrating on to Focus powers.
• Fixed a bug that would cause syndicate assassins to only attack player’s Operator.
• Fixed defense turrets being destructible on Kuva Fortress.
• Fixed players not showing up on minimap in Relays & Maroo’s Bazaa.
• Fixed a few issues on sealab tileset.
• Fixed Mesa's Shooting Gallery not functioning.
• Fixed crash that could occur when deactivating a warframe ability.
• Fixed incorrect colors appearing on Sigils.
• Fixed loss of functionality that could occur when transferring to Operator.
• Kuva Siphon missions are now locked sooner to prevent players from joining after event has completed.
• Fixed a crash when running out of energy when using an energy drain ability while playing as the Operator
• Fixed a progression stopper in The War Within
• Fixed Loki’s Invisibility while switching to Operator
• Fixed issue with Halikar’s visual effects
• Fixed Titania Solstice skin visual bug after exiting Razorwing
• Fixed Pet imprint previews overlapping when quickly clicking through list
• Fixed conditional Mod buffs being activated by Operator power.
• Fixed Operator mode causing buffs to last forever
• Fixed Drekar Ballista Eximus diorama lighting in the Codex
• Fixed the flashlight on the Twin Grakatas & Dual Cestra
• Fixed Volt’s passive being affected by the Operator
• Fixed extra stat appended to end of Heavy Caliber description
• Fixed a progstop in TWW final Queen fight
• Fixed snow showing during fly-in cinematics
• Fixed being unable to remove some items from Wishlist
• Fixed Focus Boost UI from appearing in Cinematics if the countdown begins just before the cutscene is triggered.
• Fixed Kuva Cord Sugatra not attaching properly to the Twin Basolk.
• Fixed Kuva Chest Plate clipping on Saryn, Mirage, Valkyr, Trinity and their Prime variants.
• Fixed a bug with the Gear Wheel in the Arsenal showing infinite Glyph Prisms as having only 1.
• Fix a script error that happened when Eximus or Scrambus were ragdolled at the moment they gain their Aura Trigger.
• Fixed a bug with Projectile Weapons where low Accuracy and Multishot Mods caused Projectiles to fly in unintended directions.
• Fixed a script error that prevented Players from placing new Decorations in their Dojo.
• Fixed the Daman Sugatra coloring incorrectly in the Arsenal.
• Fixed Holster appearing on the ground between the feet of Cephalon Suda Operatives wielding Gammacors.
• Fixed Bubble activate effects appearing in the wrong spot on Nullifiers.
• Fixed incorrect grammar in Valkyr’s Passive ability description.
• Fixed a bug that prevented players from purchasing a Focus Lens in the Lens installation menu if they already own at least one Lens.
• Fixed the fire rate issues for the Mutalist Carrier Osprey to ensure consistency across different behaviors.
• Fixed Acrid’s dissolve ending too early, preventing corpses from being destroyed.
• Fixed a progress stopper during the Lephantis fight where players would find themselves stuck on the first stage with nothing to attack.
• Fixed an issue where one player will hang when four players accept an invite to a squad.
• Fixed issue that prevented the placement of Decorations in Decorator Mode while sprinting, and that prevented sprinting while placing decorations in the Landing Craft.
• Fixed an issue with inconsistent weapon accuracy and spread when switching between hip-fire and aiming with Accuracy Mods equipped.
• Fixed script error that occurs when swapping out a Mod for nothing in the Upgrade Screen.
• Fixed script error in Jordas Verdict.
• Fixed a script error that occurred when entering and backing out of a Law of Retribution lobby in the Landing Craft.
• Fixed performance issues with the Grinner Shrapnel Mines in the Grineer Asteroid Fortress tileset.
• Fixed Security Cameras continuously looping turn sound even after being destroyed.
• Fixed a bug that allowed Hosts to invite friends to their Squad in-game when in Solo mode, resulting in a loss of functionality for both parties.
• Fixed a hitch that would occur on login and when exiting the Codex if The War Within Quest is in the Codex and no other Quests are active.
• Fixed Life Support Modules spawning in mid-air on certain Nodes.
• Fixed a bug that caused players to always pick up Health Orbs, regardless of their Health status, if their Companion is dead.
• Fixed stat change UI bug when Upgrading a Mod that resulted in too many decimal points. They have now been limited to a maximum of 2.
• Fixed an issue where performing a handshake during a mission could equip your Melee weapon in hand instead of your Primary or Secondary (if equipped).
• Fixed the PBR on Trinity Prime’s body to better match her helmet and extras.
• Fixed positioning of the Pyra Prime Syandana on all Warframes to make it more centered on the Warframe’s back.
• Fixed positioning of the Kogake and Obex to be symmetrical.
• Fixed Relic search terms to apply when switching Eras in the Void Relic Refinement screen, instead of requiring players to re-enter them.
• Fixed an issue where scrolling down the Relic list with a search term applied would cause the scroll to always jump back to the top of the grid.
• Fixed missing stats in various Mod descriptions
• Fixed rotation of the Aegis to better fit the arm of all Warframes.
• Fixed Lech Kril’s hammer turning invisible.
• Fixed a bug triggering a weird cinematic during Lech Kril’s Assassination mission.
• Fixed Maroo not staying down after she is defeated in the Capture mission for the Stolen Dreams Quest.
• Fixed players with names beginning in “-” having no access to Clan moderation privileges.
• Fixed Kubrow and Kavat mini-map markers disappearing on Grineer Shipyard Defense missions.
• Fixed Operators being shown with default Cosmetics when viewing another player’s Profile.
• Fixed missing sound FX for Operator steps.
• Fixed a bug that trapped the player in Operator mode after Transferring to Operator just as their Warframe dies.
• Fixed a bug that allowed Operators to pass through walls and out of the map when using Transference.
• Fixed hacking panels being rendered permanently unusable if an Operator is killed while hacking it.
• Fixed formatting in error message when equipping a Riven Mod that is above the Player's Mastery Rank.
• Fixed players not able to cancel Riven Mod Links.
• Fixed an issue with the Grineer Guardsmen not dealing any damage.
• Fixed dying to a Golden Maw leaving behind a large white sphere.
• Fixed shots to the body of Kuva Fortress turrets counting as headshots.
• Fixed a bug that allowed Operators to gain huge speed boosts using an exploit in the Golden Maw’s cave.
• Fixed Operator getting stuck with the Void effect after using Void Walk and Transference in a specific sequence.
• Fixed players being stuck as their Operator if Transference is used when falling out of the map.
• Fixed loss of ability to jump when using Transference during a Wall Hang.
• Fixed collision issue resulting in continuous teleporting in the Grineer Aesteroid Fortress tileset.
• Fixed Broken Scepter in The War Within not inheriting player colours.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Ivara’s Cloak Arrow bubble from disappearing if a player uses Transference while inside.
• Fixed Operators being affected by the Cloak Arrow bubble until they Transfer back into their Warframe.
• Fixed drain effect and color from Broken Scepter not showing on enemies burned by Ember.
• Fixed a script error that would destroy enemies ragdolled by Broken Scepter.
• Fixed an issue where if you killed Teshin’s Specter in the first mission of The War Within Quest he would not fall to the ground, but rather stay in his standing/active animation.
• Fixed Teshin’s Specters attack priority in The War Within Quest.
• Fixed missing note on the Open Slot requirement for Helios in the Arsenal.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when Glaives and similar Weapons hit ragdolled enemies.
• Fixed EoM script error.
• Fixed % display for Winds of Purity
• Fixed several weapon augments that had flat numbers changed to percents
• Fixed equip visible range being wrong in some resolutions
• Fixed Nullifier bubbles providing invisible protection when the nullifier is not alerted (and therefore has their bubble deactivated).
• Fixed deactivated/destroyed bubbles providing a small area of power nullification around the nullifier.
• Fixed Corrupted Nullifiers having an invisible bubble always, that sometimes gets left behind.
• Fixed Archwing in Jordas Verdict bug
• Fixed Missing Smeeta Kavat icon and wrong Adarza icon
• Fixed no reload bug in Conclave that affected some weapons
• Fixed Sicarus Prime having wrong values in Conclave
• Fixed hitch when viewing genetic imprints
• Fixed script error when using Transference
• Fixed Kuva being collectible by non-operator
• Fixed Conclave script error with pickups
• Fixed Rivens showing as uncommon instead of common Sortie Rewards
• Fixed a bug with inbox icons that was caused by large inbox histories
• Fixed undiscovered Kavats showing in the codex
• Fixed script error with Iron Skin
• Fixed script error with Metamorphosis
• Fixed missing zone attributes in Shipyard
• Fixed distilling extractors displaying over 100% health
• Fixed Operator power script error
• Fixed script crash in Relay/Landing Craft
• Fixed bug with bow reloading between shots
• Fixed the timer in the Index being hidden behind the UI
• Fixed automatic Quest progression in The New Strange
• Fixed the “Sell” popup when collecting extractors (Are you sure you want to keep those?)
• Fixed a crash caused by Equinox’s Metamorphosis ability.
• Fixed Operators having an “infection” which resulted in a crash and was not intended.
• Fixed a script error caused by Ash’s Bladestorm ability.
• Fixed a script error caused by initiating a Focus ability.
• Fixed a script error caused by Loki’s Switch Teleport ability.
• Fixed negative Status Duration from Rivens resulting in infinite status.
• Fixed negative Ammo Capacity Rivens leading to infinite Ammo.
• Fixed negative Damage Rivens healing enemies. Also fixes negative Crit Multiplier doing the same.
• Fixed Status Effects visually (i.e Corrosive green electricity-like substance) lasting forever as a result of having 0% Status Duration.
• Fixed bad Grineer face textures in the Tutorial cutscene.
• Fixed being able to Desecrate friendly Shadows in The Jordas Verdict.
• Fixed incorrect description on Primed Chamber.
• Fixed UI-lockup that would occur if you scrolled a busy chat window to the top after it had more than 200 messages scroll by.
• Fixed various spawning issues with Syndicate Medallions and Rare Containers.
• Fixed Kubrows not having their collar automatically equipped after being matured.
• Fixed Uranus Ariel and Desdemona having incorrect locations set on their nodes.
• Fixed very fast Volts not building up Static Discharge.
• Fixed numerous navigation issues in the Orokin Derelict and Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
• Fixed a crash with certain weapons caused by Rivens with worse than -100% Multishot.
• Fixed Corrosive Status Effects being cancelled due to -100% status duration.
• Fixed -100% Reload Speed making weapons reload instantly.
• Fixed another case of negative Ammo Capacity Rivens leading to infinite Ammo.
• More fixes for navigation issues in the Orokin Derelict tileset.
• Fixed Warframes sometimes having their posture changed via Transference.
• Fixed being unable to switch back to your Warframe if killed during Transference.
• Fixed HUD elements being excessively scrambled if you had very high Health+Overshields compared to your max (most commonly seen in The Index).
• Fixed a few problems that would occur from using a Riven with Fire-Rate worse than -100%.
• Fixed a crash in the Jordas Verdict as a result of weapon trails.
• Fixed a crash in the Orokin Derelict.
• Fixed instances of enemies not spawning in The Jordas Verdict and  Law of Retribution.
• Fixed running through space as the Operator after exiting Jordas in Operator mode in The Jordas Verdict.
• Potential fix for instances of constant ‘Session Full’ prompts (we are still investigating this).
• Fixed being able to run Orokin Derelict missions without respective keys.
• Fixed "Find and defeat Lephantis in Orokin Derelict" Eris Junction task only completing if the Assassination Key was used to run the mission.
• Fixed (for real this time) negative Status Duration from Rivens resulting in infinite status.
• Fixed "Open 3 Caches during any Sabotage mission on Uranus" Neptune Junction task not completing.
• Fixed Landing Craft doors pushing you out of the material plane.
• Fixed various issues with the Ascaris Bolt in Vor's Prize.
• Fixed part of Zarr's muzzle flash showing up in the Arsenal when applying colors.
• Fixed some firing effects not showing up for the Zarr.
• Fixed absent transmissions causing a progression stopping bug in The Index.
• Fixed Nekros and Frost Idle sounds when using their animation sets with other Warframes.
• Fixed a script crash in Ash's Teleport ability.
• Fixed a rare progression stopping bug in The Index if players are losing but then score enough to win just before the round ends.
• Fixed an escapable hole in the ceiling of the Landing Craft.
• Fixed an unintentional locked door in the Second Dream quest.
• More potential fixes have been added for players seeing ‘Session is Full’ messages when trying to matchmake on a session that isn’t actually full.
• Fixed being able to infinitely stack Mod, Arcane, Reactant and Endless Fissure Relic-cracking buffs when switching between Operator Transference at the right time.
• Fixed the on-foot transition cinematic being repeatable multiple times in The Jordas Verdict.
• Fixed a script crash in the Trial lobby.
• Fixed a script error that occurred when a Host migrates during a Relic mission while the countdown to the next round is active. This resulted in being kicked back to the Landing Craft.
• Fixed a script error that resulted in degrading performance issues.
• Fixed a script error when using the Broken Scepter.
• Fixed a script error with Nekros’ Shadows of The Dead.
• Fixed a script error when using the Twin Kohmak.
• Fixed Bullet Dance not showing up in the Codex properly.
• Fixed Sparring weapons appearing as embedded in the back of Nekros Prime.
• Fixed Warframe abilities appearing blocked (but still castable) after simultaneously being nullified and falling off the edge.
• Fixed a tileset hole in the Grineer Galleon.
• Fixed a missing door frame in the Orokin Derelict.
• Players who are dead during extraction are no longer denied their mission rewards.
• Fixed a script error that would occur if you closed the Mission Results screen while going back to your ship.

Hotfix January 20th:

  • Improved load-times for Marro, Baro, and other transmissions that can get delayed in busy hubs
  • Fixed a prog stop in Howl of the Kubrow quest. 

Hotfix January 23rd:

  • Fixed some localization issues

Hotfix January 24th:

  • Fixed (spoiler) not dropping properly from (spoiler)

Hotfix January 26th:

  • Fixed an issue with rewards for several Junctions
  • Fixed an issue with the inbox messaging needing to be opened twice for the The Glast Gambit to progress
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Btw, the secondary rivens are active in sortie drop tables even if you don't have the patch installed yet... They just have a PH placeholder name if you were lucky enough to run the sortie right before the patch dropped.

Edited by (PS4)Stealth_Cobra
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"Arcane Changes:

• Distilling Arcanes no longer consumes a distiller"

For those of us who used Syndicate rep to obtain additional of these  IE: 60+ stacking up for use as they were attended will we be given back our Syndicate rep in medallions or are you just going to throw that time spent obtaining our rep that could of been used on other things (IE: Relic packs) out the door?

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I was happy to see " Reduced volume and cleaned up audio of Synoid Simulor when being used by other players. "

But I'll be even happier when I see "Deleted Synoid Simulor from the game because it's the most overused and kill stealing weapon in the game."

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16 minutes ago, (PS4)JrJester00 said:


"Arcane Changes:

• Distilling Arcanes no longer consumes a distiller"

For those of us who used Syndicate rep to obtain additional of these  IE: 60+ stacking up for use as they were attended will we be given back our Syndicate rep in medallions or are you just going to throw that time spent obtaining our rep that could of been used on other things (IE: Relic packs) out the door?

hear hear *bangs table raucously*

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