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Warframe Prime Time #149: Tonight at 7pm ET!

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Shuriken Snowball skin?



When will we be able to color each part of our warframe separately?

Could we please have a third sigil slot that is on our helmet?

Please buff Machete and Machete Wraith.

It would be cool if we could have our liset's appearance as part of our warframe's loadout, 
so we can have matching warframes and ships at all times.

Any chance for a Prisma Machete sold by the Void Trader soon?

Any chance we'll have Syndicate cosmetic skins and/or helmets one day?

Detron got a Void Trader variant, will Brakk be getting one too?

Will Machete receive a Augment mod or buff?
It's currently the weakest weapon in the game, and could use some love.

Will there be Vandal skins for Warframes?
I like the designs of the Vandal weapons, 
but they don't really match any of the warframes.
Would be cool if their colors where changeable, 
or at least there where matching Warframe skins.

Will we ever be getting a male Grineer themed tank/combat warframe with tons of armor?
Hopefully with a Rocket Punch power.

Would be cool is there where optional secondary missions during your main mission.
Like, during a spy mission, a officer could spawn,
and you could go capture him.
If you fail or choose not to do the optimal mission you don't fail your main mission,
it's just a chance at getting extra affinity,
and something to freshen up the game-play a little.

Would be cool for each Relay to get their own Bar where the Void Trader could go.
(he's always talking about wanting you to come to parties he's throwing.)

Would be cool of the Relays could have an Arcade, 
where you can play the different mini games like Happy Zephyr and Wyrmius.

Would be cool if the Relays could have a fighting pit where anyone in the relay can fight each other.

Also, could we get a smaller Kubrow body type?
I want to make a tiny dog, but even the smallest one isn't small enough.

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4 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

IM so hype for this!:stalker: is the best btw


Edited by YuuKazuto
I messed up XD im still learning to do this

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Oh Prime time,

The show dedicated to the game dedicated to space ninjas with no need to be silent :)

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