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Lock one stat on Rivens

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1 minute ago, RistN said:

But the biggest problem with this is that riven mods have from 2 to 4 stats.Values of stats vary depending on number of stats and if mod has one negative stat.For example most powerful positive stats are if mod has 2x positive and one negative stat.So when you say lock one stat it isn't really so simple as it sounds.Rivens are much more complicated.


Everyone is talking about locking dmg,CD,cc... stat.The best stat that you should lock is A+ negative like zoom or flight speed on hitscan weapon.If it was possible that is....

Either way, being able to lock damage, negative zoom, whatever one you wanted.  It gives you some control, not a lot, but some.  That's better then nothing.  I don't think locking one stat would affect the programing as much as you think.  if they are all connected, then a locked positive stat would go in stat 1, the rest of the stats would roll normal.  If negative stats do increase the rest then, it goes last, and the boost applies after all the other stats are rolled.  Shouldn't be too hard to program, not easy, but not too hard either.

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